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The Boneyard at Round Top Spring 2019

The Boneyard at Round Top is the ideal second home for Barnwood Builders. “Round Top is the perfect town for Barnwood Builders’ expansion into Texas,” said Mark Bowe, who specializes in recovering and restoring 19th century hand-hewn log…

About Wayne Kerr

As the Round Top Antiques Show Guide has evolved, so has its cover. For the first time, last fall, the cover was a commissioned piece of art. An all-call for submissions by artists resulted in the selection of Wayne Kerr as the artist for…

Lodging Tips

The Roundtopolis™ sits at the intersection of country and city, so the vibe is sophisticated comfort or casual chic…depending on who’s describing it. When you pair those influences with the great, one-of-a-kind shopping at the Round…