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Alicia Tegg

Tegg Art Studio in downtown Brenham is built on artist Alicia Tegg’s passion for horses, country living and oil painting. “I came out of the womb horse crazy, but, despite all my begging, my parents couldn’t afford to buy me one,” said…

About Wayne Kerr

As the Round Top Antiques Show Guide has evolved, so has its cover. For the first time, last fall, the cover was a commissioned piece of art. An all-call for submissions by artists resulted in the selection of Wayne Kerr as the artist for…

Kwaku Bediku

Artist Kwaku Bediko, along with his wife Barbara, lives artfully near Warrenton where he finds inspiration for his metal sculptures in the shared simplicity of a country life.

The Rambling Boy: Mexican Food History

The History of Tacos—and More Gustavo Arellano is a Los Angeles journalist who writes a syndicated column called Ask a Mexican, which is loaded with colloquial Spanish words and in which he continually refers to Anglo-Americans as…

Neltje Living Life Outside the Lines

Neltje, daughter of publishing magnate Nelson Doubleday, escaped from the gilded prison of New York City’s high society to a sprawling Wyoming ranch where she reimagined, restored and repurposed her life. “When I left New York, I was…

Wonder(ful) Women. Wisdom of the Ages.

WONDER(ful) WOMEN Wisdom of the Ages from Round Top, Texas Allow us to introduce you to three wonder women from the Round Top, Texas area. “I know God loves me, and I’m on this earth to do His work. This is my time and my…