Paul and Brooke Michie sold their home in Austin and went all in on Round Top, moving their young family to the Texas hamlet two years ago. They’ve been busy renovating their farm house and no less than three storefronts ever since.

The couple met at the University of Texas at Austin while earning their degrees ― his in fine art painting, and hers in design. Brooke Michie later became a hairstylist. So it was natural to open a salon in Round Top.

Her Lyric Salon opened first, in November of 2019, inside the circa 1831, relocated Moore’s Fort building. You’ll find it behind The Garden Co. in the newly rebranded Rolland Square (formerly Rummel Square).

“It’s really a studio sanctuary,” Brooke Michie tells “The small space was especially great during the pandemic, when people were not getting out much.”

But that’s not this entrepreneur’s only “day job.”

The Michies’ Lollitop Sweet Shop opened last October “in the middle of the fall show with only a generator for power,” Brooke Michie notes with a laugh. This Saturday, June 5 — with the worst of the pandemic behind us — the shop will finally celebrate its official ribbon cutting at 6:05 pm.

Lollitop's trendy candy selection upstairs
Lollitop’s trendy candy selection upstairs leaves one sweet impression. (Photo by Courtney Dabney)
The rainbow stairs lead to more wonders on the second floor of Lolliop. (Photo by Courtney Dabney)

“We have a literal ton of candies inside,” Brooke Michie says.

This cheerful Candy Land come to life, which was hand painted by the couple themselves, with a rainbow staircase leading to even more wonders on the second floor, is everything Charlie Bucket could have imagined when entering the gates of the Wonka Factory for the first time.

In fact, the little sweet shop has gained national attention, especially for its hard to find selections and rare chocolates.

“We carry a dozen of the Top 50 bean to bar luxury chocolates, so we’ve been picked up by chocolate journalists far and wide,” Brooke notes. Serious chocolate is a serious deal.

For those not up to date on their TikTok crazes, visitors make the trek to Round Top to seek out Lollitop Sweet Shop for its hard-to-get candies, including Toxic Waste Slime Lickers Liquid Candy. The obsession would fit right in with the Scrumdiddlyumptious Bars of Willy Wonka land.

You’ll also find a fun collection of retro and nostalgic sweets to make anyone feel like a kid again, with the trendier candy finds located on the second level. “Our kids (who are 9 and 12) helped us pick them out,” Brooke says.

But candy is not all that is served up at Lollitop Sweet Shop. The shop’s scratch baked goods and breakfast have caught on quickly with Round Top locals.

A peek inside the bakery case – Hot Drop Biscuits, muffins and more. Photo by Courtney Dabney

“It started with muffins and cookies, then we added breakfast biscuit sandwiches,” Brooke says. Now you can enjoy breakfast tacos on freshly made tortillas and even quiche. Lollitop has even moved into lunch.

The lunch options include egg salad, smoked chicken salad, and a special green chile pimento cheese, made with chiles from the New Mexico Chile Co. They are all served either on greens or a soft pretzel bun. For the gluten sensitive, Lollitop offers what Brooke Michie calls her “Frittater-totta” ― a gluten free frittata made with a tater-tot crust. Everything is made by hand and from scratch — even the salsa and queso.

Lollitop Sweet Shop is open from 9 am to 5 pm Thursdays through Saturdays, and on Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm with extended hours during the antique shows.

Lollitop carries a coveted collection of bean to bar chocolates as well. Photo by Courtney Dabney

Brew Land

The Michies’ third project, Round Top Brewing, will open by late this summer, according to Brooke Michie. It’s being billed as a nano brewery and taproom, with a heavy emphasis on the kitchen.

“We want it to have a casual yet elegant feel, focusing on wild game, and seasonal produce,” Brooke says. “I do want it be approachable, with a European meets Texas vibe. A lot of the heritage in this area is German, Czech and even Irish.

“We use a lot of the same ingredients as those traditional cuisines. Basically, the coolest stuff we can either find or make. I like the idea of something for everyone and at every price point.”

Paul Michie discovered his passion for beer and homebrewing while working at Alamo Drafthouse. Aside from micro-brews, Round Top Brewing will also have what Brooke Michie calls a “nerdy wine list.”

The new brewery will be located on corner of West Austin and Washington. The taproom will be an under 2,000 square foot space, with seating for about 40 to 50 people. The brew house has been added onto the back.

“We’ll give tours. They’ll be short tours, but we’ll give them,” Brooke Michie laughs. “Since the property adjoins to Lollitop Sweet Shop, the outside spaces will connect with outdoor seating and games like cornhole and even a Swedish lawn bowling game called Mölkky.”

The setup includes a huge patio under the shade of a pecan tree, which has its own story to tell. The massive pecan got struck by lightning two years ago and healed itself.

Of course, nobody has to tell Paul and Brooke Michie that Round Top can be a magical place.