Drift & Holler is a new venue run by sisters Katie Skorka and Rachel Davis. Situated between Market Hill and the Vintage Round Top, Drift & Holler featured dealers for the spring shows, with plans to offer lodging later this year.

In Carmine, Len Peters has acquired the old filling station at the juncture of Spur 458 and Highway 237. He’s combined it with the contiguous venue, calling it Y Station and is offering dealer space during the three yearly antiques shows. In addition to being a former gas station, there was a small grocery store and butcher’s shop in the buildings.

Farther south in Warrenton, Box Road has claimed the space where Clutter stood for years. The buildings have received a facelift — it’s sited next to Excess I.

Down the road in Rutersville, Then & Now by Windy is open on weekends year round with extended operating days during the antiques shows.

Round Top

MimiBella — a Round Top and Bellville mainstay owned by Delwin and Ginger Rettig— is now owned by Rebecca Mayer and has moved to a new space on Minden Square, which will open soon.


MimiBella’s neighbor is Tre.TX, owned by Clemencia Larrimore and Michelle Gallagher. Tre.TX, which opened in April, has previously done pop-ups and is showing again at The Arbors.

Block Seventeen is currently under renovation to welcome new businesses by the fall.

Pop A Top Bottle Shop Too


Round Top and La Grange’s Pop A Top package store has acquired Clint’s in downtown Smithville. Pop A Top is owned by Tiffany Reid. It’s around the corner from Carne Lenta, a new eating spot, butchery and barn in the old Vasek Garage building.