Part of the fun of a visit to Round Top is finding a chic place to stay. Soon visitors will have the chance to spend the night in first-of-its-kind, 3D printed lodging constructed by Hive3D.

Developed by Starred Sky Development Co. in partnership with Hive3D and Eco Material Technologies, The Casitas @ The Halles are located behind The Halles, an in-town shopping, dining and events venue in Round Top. The set of five casitas range in size from 400 to 900 square feet and include studios, single bedroom and two bedroom options. 

Hive3D broke ground on The Casitas this past March during the Round Top Spring 2023 Antiques + Design Show. CyBe Construction’s mobile robotic printer has been on site ever since, printing the homes line by line using a proprietary blend of cement-based mortar. The mortar, developed by Eco Material Technologies, boasts a carbon footprint of nearly zero. 

According to Eco Material Technologies, the material used to build The Casitas @ The Halles replaces 100 percent of Portland cement in concrete. Portland cement is caustic and requires copious amounts of fuel to manufacture, resulting in high levels of carbon emissions. Eco Material Technologies claims that its product has a 92 percent lower CO2 emission rate than traditional Portland cement. The material has also been proven to set faster and is measurably stronger. 

In addition, Hive 3D and Eco Material Technologies have found a way to incorporate locally sourced aggregates into their cement mixture. This allows printable material to be produced at a fraction of the price of other commercially available 3D printing mortars resulting in significantly lower building costs. 

“We are beyond excited to work with Eco Material Technologies, Starred Sky Development and CyBe Construction on this new project,” Timothy Lankau, CEO of Hive3D says in a statement. “These small homes will serve as a model for affordable and eco-friendly housing throughout the country.

“We plan to build them at a speed and cost point that is unprecedented in the affordable housing space.”

While The Casitas @ The Halles are Hive3D’s first stab at creating smaller-scale homes, the very first 3D printed home launched by the company is located a stone’s throw from Round Top in the tiny hamlet of Burton. The 3,150 square-foot home is nearing completion and serves as a prototype for larger residential building projects to come. 

“Hive3D’s commitment to building the first 100-percent cement replacement 3D printed home aligns with our goal of transitioning the construction industry away from using materials that generate approximately eight percent of the world’s carbon emissions each year,” Eco Material Technologies CEO Grant Quasha says in a statement. “These homes are cost efficient, beautiful and sustainable in many senses of the word.”

Stay tuned to for more information on when The Casitas @ The Halles will be ready to rent.