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Capturing family portraits is one of life’s sweetest — and sometimes most stressful — tasks. From coordinating the outfits to finding the most flattering light to getting everyone to smile, it takes a lot of effort to get it just right. Luckily, Sandy Flint Photography, located in the heart of Round Top, is here to make it all go smoothly.

Flint has been a photographer nearly his entire life, starting with a Kodak Instamatic film camera when he was just 4-years-old. He even still has a photo from one of his very first rolls of film.

Flint specializes in Texas family portraiture. (Photo by Sandy Flint)

“In junior high, I learned how to process film and prints and in high school, I was the kid that took my camera everywhere I went,” Flint says. “Learning photography in the film days was nerve wracking because I had to wait several days to see if I got the shot, but it also made me a better photographer because mistakes usually meant disaster.”

Flint hasn’t stopped learning since then, moving from his early days of photographing scenery, animals, crop dusters and exotic cars to photographing people. After leaving the information technology industry in 2012, he opened his first portrait studio. Despite twists and turns in his career, Flint is always drawn back to his roots of creating artistic, emotional portraits of people with beautiful Texas scenery as a backdrop.

Telling your story through photography. (Photo by Sandy Flint)

“When I started photographing people, I learned how to tell stories,” Flint says.

Originally from Columbus, Texas, Flint is no stranger to the natural beauty of the Round Top area with its soft, rolling hills and majestic live oak trees. He closed his Houston studio in August 2022 and began the process of transferring his business to Round Top. Flint currently serves the region between Houston and Austin, with an emphasis on Fayette, Austin, Colorado and Washington counties and their surrounding areas.

“For me, this is the prettiest place in the state,” Flint says. “It is a perfect setting for creating beautiful family portraits. It’s great to be here and be a part of this wonderful community.”

Flint is not your typical, run-of-the-mill photographer. He prides himself on being an artist who uses photography to create heirloom portraits that will be passed down for generations. His portrait style ranges from casual to formal, based on both the occasion and the family, and are presented either as Legacy Brush Oil portraits (which are mixed-media painted portraits) or Fine Art Museum prints. If it suits the family, Flint will even try to include something whimsical — but not immediately obvious in the portrait — such as a small treasure the eye has to seek out and find.

Legacy Brush Oil Portrait by Sandy Flint

“Getting the entire family together for a portrait is hard,” Flint says. “Clients can’t afford to take chances. So each portrait commission includes my help and advice from start to finish. I am here to make sure nothing is left to chance.

All of Flint’s work is custom. He invests time in understanding his clients and what makes their family unique in order to better help him tell their story and create personalized artwork they will love. These investments and relationships have paid off, as many clients have become personal friends over the years.

Flint also creates fine art portraits with custom finishes. (Photo by Sandy Flint)

“Don’t wait to have a new family portrait made,” Flint says. “Life can change in an instant, or what feels like it. When it does, all of those reasons for putting a portrait off will feel insignificant.”

For more information about Sandy Flint Photography, and to see examples of his work, visit his website.