Get tickets to this rare opportunity to learn a new skill and take home a custom piece of jewelry.

Many jewelry artists come to Round Top to sell their artisan wares offering beautiful pieces of art. However, one master jewelry designer is taking it a step further and will be teaching you how to make your own gorgeous accessories. At this Master Class on jewelry making, not only do you pick up a new accessory, but you can also pick up a new skill.

Vincent Peach of Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry will be teaching his Master Class on discovering the world of pearls and jewelry-making.

Known for his sophisticated yet casual style, Peach works with high-end materials such as diamonds, exotic leathers, precious metals, and pearls. Each handcrafted piece that comes out of his Nashville artisan shop is wearable yet luxurious.

Known for his use of pearls, Vincent Peach hails from a long line of U.S. jewelers known as the “Pearl” men. Peach is an expert in the field and has finely tuned his skill in crafting beautiful and organic pieces of heirloom-quality jewelry.

Vincent Peach is a Nashville native and operates out of his namesake boutique and studio in Downtown Nashville.

It’s no surprise, given the music mecca that Nashville is that many musician superstars have been Peach’s clients. Big names such as Carrie Underwood, Steven Tyler, Taylor Swift, and Reba McEntire have worn and loved his work.

Master Class

Getting valuable insight and learning from a master artisan in-person is already great on its own. But as an added perk you also get to take your own creation home with you at the end of the class. Working with fine materials such as leather, pearls, and beads means that you’ll be taking home a custom creation worth around $300.

Vincent Peach's Master Class
Information on Vincent Peach’s Jewelry-making Master Class (photo by Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry).

The one-of-a-kind event is a great class if you’ve ever been interested in jewelry-making, want to learn a new skill, or even just want to have fun with friends and enjoy a drink or two while making beautiful custom pieces.

Wine and lite bites will be served at the Master Class so get ready for a fun atmosphere in a beautiful venue learning the art of jewelry-making from an expert in the field.

Vincent Peach’s Master Class will be held on Thursday, March 25 from 4 pm until 6 pm at Market Hill. Tickets to the exciting class are $100. Make sure to secure your spot in the class through Eventbrite.