Often an afterthought, lighting should take center stage as it has the power to completely transform a space. Architect turned award-winning interior designer, Marie Flanigan, knows the power intentional lighting can bring to a home.

The lauded designer teamed up with acclaimed lighting company Circa Lighting to brighten up your home with their new Visual Comfort collection.

“Lighting is perhaps the single most transformative element in any environment. Its power to illuminate and animate—literally—shapes how we experience our surroundings,” Flanigan explains.

To celebrate the launch of the new collection, Flanigan gives us her top 10 tips for lighting and living. Read the advice below to take your home to the next level.

Marie Flanigan Kitchen
Marie Flanigan had durability and lighting in mind when designing this gorgeous family kitchen.

1. Enduring Composition

Choosing elements in your home that help ensure that it can handle wear-and-tear is important. For example, this lovely and bright kitchen in the home of a young family utilizes strong raw materials such as brick and marble.

The home’s neutrality gave Marie Flanigan the opportunity to play around and create drama with light fixtures.

Get the Look:

Devin Pendant by Sean Lavin, shown here. 

Try Circa’s Talia Large Chandelier by Julie Niell.

Kitchen sconce by Marie Flanigan
Adding a sconce by the range hood offers unexpected yet useful lighting.

2. A Light Touch

In what can often be seen as an industrial room in the house, adding sconces to either side of the range hood instantly softens up the kitchen while also providing task lighting.

Get the Look:

Rousseau Double Wall Sconce by Kelly Wearstler, shown here.

Living Room designed by Marie Flanigan
Geometry takes center stage in this serene living room by Marie Flanigan.

3. Squared Away

An architect first, Marie Flanigan knows that it’s all about geometry. Extending the barrel-vaulted ceiling into the living room, Flanigan added extra dimension to the expansive space. To ensure serenity in the space, the barrels were lined up with the door and windows.

Geometric table lamps also draw attention to the geometry of the room.

Get the Look:

Try Circa’s Gates Medium Rectangle Table Lamp by Marie Flanigan.

Sun room by Marie Flanigan
The brass floor lamp draws the eye up to the tall ceilings of the sun room

4. Stand Tall and Proud

The long and lean, brass floor lamp draws eyes up to the tall planked ceiling and accents the fluted wood surrounding the fireplace in this sunroom. 

Get the Look:

Dover Floor Lamp by AERIN, shown here.

Try Circa’s Maverick 60″ Ceiling Fan in Matte White.

Sconces on mirrors designed by Marie Flanigan
Lighting on mirrors can be tricky, Marie Flanigan has a genius tip.

5. Mirror, Mirror, Sconce on the Wall

Installing lighting on reflective surfaces can be tricky, but Marie Flanigan has a great tip for doing so. By selecting fixtures with light-diffusing shades, you can avoid overly bright hot spots.

Flanigan achieved diffused lighting in this powder room with beautiful alabaster sconces.

Get the Look:

Melange Elongated Sconce by Kelly Wearstler, shown here.

Cristol Large Triple Flush Mount by AERIN, shown here.

Durable pool bathroom designed by Marie Flanigan
Durability is key in this pool bathroom by Marie Flanigan.

6. Enviable Vanity

When it comes to a pool bathroom, durability is key. Although beauty should not have to be sacrificed in the name of function.

Marble-clad drawers match the countertop in the perfect harmony of function-meets-beauty. The sconce on the corner subtly illuminates the space, adding to the ambiance of the room.

Get the Look:

Vail Sconce by Ian K. Fowler, shown here.

Pendants in a Marie Flanigan designed bathroom
Pendants draw the eye up in this tall bathroom designed by Marie Flanigan.

7. Hang Time

Mixing up traditional fixtures with more eye-catching silhouettes, Flanigan chose pendants rather than sconces to help draw the eyes up to the tall bathroom ceilings.

Get the Look:

Melange Small Elongated Pendant by Kelly Wearstler, shown here.

Bedroom by Marie Flanigan
A serene bedroom can be achieved with matching heights according to Marie Flanigan.

8. New Neutral

Blush is the new neutral, serving as the perfect backdrop for soft whites, natural tones, and warm gold hues. This serene color palette blends well with almost any décor and provides a sense of calm to all who walk through the space.

Get the Look:

Olsen Table lamp by AERIN, shown here.

Mater bedroom by Marie Flanigan
Marie Flanigan doubles up the lighting to cozy up this master bedroom.

9. Double the Lights for Two

Don’t be afraid to add on the lighting!

For anyone who shares a bed, the inevitable scenario when one partner wants to sleep while the other wants to stay up and read “just one more chapter,” has surely played out.

Instead of having the larger bedside lamp on, a smaller reading lamp will not only resolve this issue but look chic by adding depth and interest to the bedroom.

Get the Look:

Metropolis Table Lamp by Ralph Lauren, shown here.

Try Circa’s Graves Pivoting Sconce by Suzanne Kasler.

Gorgeous master bathroom designed by Marie Flanigan
Sconces compliment the jaw-dropping master bathroom by Marie Flanigan.

10. Play the Supporting Role

This master bathroom’s showstoppers are the marble slab wainscoting and metal inlays on the walls. In order to complement but not overshadow, Flanigan chose simple sconces that compliment the clean lines of the standout elements.

Get the Look:

Covet Tall Box Bath Sconce Kelly Wearstler, shown here.

Flanigan says, “each of my pieces embodies serenity and sophistication, craftsmanship and elegance—all tenants of timelessness.”

Check out Marie Flanigan’s collaboration with Circa Lighting, Visual Comfort, on Circa’s website.