Schulenburg’s beloved nonprofit, known simply as ARTS, continues to bolster the Round Top region through the arts. With its free educational programs and the world class exhibitions, ARTS (Arts For Rural Texas) feeds the community’s cultural needs, focusing especially on the historical and charming environments of the small, historical communities located in Fayette County. Round Top included.

Now, a new art exhibition titled “Lasting Impressions” is making a mark at ARTS at the Old Stanzel.

Road Trip #1 by Beckey Zajicek.

The artwork of five photographers is being showcased at the newly opened gallery, located in the historical town of Schulenburg, through March 5. The photos capture the time and the rhythm of life in rural Texas. Particularly farming communities.

Discover life captured and reinvented through the lens of artists Jerry Brown, Carol Lyon, Art Stokes, Vicki Wiste and Beckey Zajicek, as the ordinary is turned into the extraordinary, and the mundane takes on new meaning.

Pines by Carol Lyon

“In today’s world of phone cameras and quick snapshots, everyone can click an image,” Arts for Rural Texas executive director Karen Vernon says.  “However, the works in this exhibition stand apart and reflect the exceptional vision of these photographers whose skills take them beyond documentation into artistry.

“With expert use of their tools, their cameras, creative process in the darkroom, these artists capture images of their interest, their style and reflect stories of quiet resonance, pieces of life captured for all time.”

Bolivar Stairs by Jerry D. Brown.

Jerry Brown’s black and white photographs track journeys, document adventures and capture the heartbeat of places. Carol Lyon’s images speak of both the humanity and the earth we all share. Art Stokes’ vision stretches his stories ― sometimes quiet and other times beyond reality. Vicki Wiste and Beckey Zajicek focus their lenses on the unexplored and times past.

“Their photographs inspire and invite the viewer to dream, to reflect, and to experience life at a different level,” Vernon says. “All of the artwork depicts up close encounters with wildlife, the resonating silence of broad landscapes, the vast caverns of manmade structures and more.”

The public exhibition is showing at ARTS at The Old Stanzel, 1201 S. Kessler, Schulenburg, through March 5. For more info and to learn about future exhibitions, check out Arts for Rural Texas’ full website or call (979) 378-2113.