“Marburger is as close to a European antiques market as you can get in the United States,” says exhibitor Shannon Poppino, Clutter Antiques. When the show opens, look for 350 antiques and art exhibitors encamped on 43 acres in Round Top. It’s as beautiful as an Italian market, but a lot closer and with bluebonnets and margaritas.

Not all of Marburger Farm Antique Show treasures are European–far from it. It’s that everything has been gathered fresh for that show, all set out at one exhilarating moment–fresh, exciting, current.

“Marburger is unique,” says David Sheffield, a Panama City, Fla. exhibitor. “The merchandise is fresh for each show.

Marburger has the flavor of an antiques fair in the south of France. The tents go up, the dealers put out their fresh wares, and people rush in.”“What I liked,” said New York designer Mark Cunningham, “was that all the tents opened at once. People could get in from all sides. It was a thrill. It was fun.”

Marburger Farm Antique Show Spring 2020 dates are March 31 – April 4.

The Thing About Marburger

That’s it: Marburger is a miracle of beauty and fun, created from scratch each time, from the ground up, filled with fresh finds from all over the world.

That’s what the team at Marburger Farm Antique Show promises to deliver show after show. The offerings are as diverse as the prices .“There are expensive items here, but they are priced to sell for what they are, how rare they are and how much it cost to find them and get them here. But many, many choice items are available at every price range,” says Ashley Ferguson, co-owner of Marburger Farm Antique Show. “Things sell here. If you like it, buy it!”

Marburger Antiques
MD Turner Photography


  • Quality antiques and art in a range of prices and styles–Americana, art, jewelry of all styles, French, Italian, Asian, English, silver, industrial, Mid-Century Modern and much more.
  • Great original artwork and creations with about 20 Marburger artisans.
  • An event. It’s fun, with visually exhilarating booth displays that give you a little vacation from the so-called real world. The admission is worth it just for the displays.
  • Fresh stuff every day. It can take more than one day to see it all. Also, dealers restock most mornings.
  • Friendships and Favorites–There’s a lot of love at  Marburger Farm–among exhibitors, staff, show owners, porters and shoppers who come again and again. Shoppers from all over the world become friends and part of the Marburger family. Shoppers have favorite booths that they zoom to first. Try to not get run over at the opening bell and discover your own favorites.


  • Tired antiques and collectibles that no one wants;
  • Acres of fakes and reproductions and new market merchandise;
  • The same merchandise that you saw last time;
  • “You probably won’t find the Hope Diamond for ten cents,” Ferguson says. “But neither will you find dealers too snooty to work with you on just about anything.”
Marburger Antiques
MD Turner Photography


Marburger Farm was designed by antiques dealers in the way that they thought a show should be run. That means a long, easy, stress-free set up that allows dealers to create the awe-inspiring displays for which Marburger Farm is famous. It also allows two other things: dealers have time to bring in multiple loads so that each booth is full, full, full. And, perhaps most important: this creative, fun set up allows dealers to rest from travelling and unloading and puts them in a good mood before the show starts. Happy dealers = Happy customers.

By the way, Marburger co-found Ed Gage is joining Donald King Cowan (ISA AM) on the staff of the Authenticity Program, which is Marburger’s commitment to ensure the quality and authenticity of merchandise across the show.

Another secret of Marburger is most exhibitors are extraordinarily talented teams–spouses or business partners who work well together and have equal talents for the task. Most Marburger dealers work full-time, making their living in the antiques business. This means merchandise is current and desirable, dealers are knowledgeable, have a good track record, and prices are based on the reality of buying and selling on a daily basis.

See all of the details for the Spring 2020 show: Marburger Farm Antique Show Spring 2020

Marburger Farm is a beautiful location with fabulous huge tents and historic buildings. But it’s still a semi-outdoor environment where dealers thrive by being adventurous, daring, gutsy and resourceful. And this means they are characters who buy merchandise differently than more conventional (saner?) exhibitors at other shows. The merchandise at Marburger is wildly amazing and daring because the exhibitors are a community of wildly amazing, creative and unconventional dealers. This is why cutting-edge trends that impact the world emerge on this particular cow pasture.

See Marburger Farm Antique Show details in the Spring 2020 Round Top Antiques Show Guide. Or visit their website at www.roundtop-marburger.com.

Follow Eddie Ross, designer, as he shops a recent Marburger Farm Antique Show.

Article Written by JAN ORR-HARTER, special to the Round Top Antiques Show Guide
photos courtesy of MD TURNER PHOTOGRAPHY

Editor’s Note: This is a paid sponsorship by Marburger Farm Antique Show.