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Round Top Antiques Show Guide

Planning your Round Top trip? We publish the Round Top Antiques Show Guide, which can be ordered here. 

Available in early September and early March, this guide is sponsored by our friends at Heritage Texas Country Properties, with offices in Round Top, La Grange, Brenham and Bellville,  and features advertisements from show venues, restaurants and other services, the guide also includes maps of the area and of the shows. In addition, an overview of the Round Top and Carmine area businesses, sponsored respectively by the Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce and the Carmine Economic Development Corp. is a key feature. A schedule of show open dates sponsored by Alisanne Frew of Alisanne Wonderland; and a treasure-hunter’s guide to help shoppers better identify the fields/venues they may want to shop first.

The Spring 2019 Round Top Antiques Show Guide will be available March 1, 2019.


Round Top Antiques Show Guide Advertisers, Fall 2018 

  • Du Temps D’ Alice
  • Indian Creek Antiques
  • Brocante French Antiques
  • Nomads Loom
  • Theta Charity Antiques Show
  • Adele Sypesteyn
  • Francois & Co.
  • Southern Classic Jewelry
  • Manos de Sur
  • Pascal Home
  • Axe Antiques
  • Antiques of Dallas
  • Carol O’Steen
  • Branded Luxury Unlimited/ Ladybag International
  • Canterbury Court Antiques
  • Vintage America/The Good Stuff
  • The Spoonbill Collection
  • B Kelley Antiques
  • Tres Bien Antiques
  • Rome’s Antiques & Such
  • Payne’s Stained Glass
  • Swankee Gray
  • Ginger’s Antiques
  • Simple Cottage Antiques
  • Gaudy Sisters
  • Mallory et Cie
  • Nostalgia Fine Art
  • Sarah Stewart
  • Linen Dreams
  • Paul Meyer
  • Adams Furniture
  • Tutu & Lilli
  • Azulina Home
  • Cowhides Galore
  • Urban Cowboy Southern Fusion
  • Petra
  • Pandora de Balthazar
  • Botanica
  • Kendall Boggs Fine Art
  • Lisa Moore Art
  • Richard Schmidt Jewelry
  • Las Vegas Market
  • Le Nouveaurose
  • Bespoke Decor
  • Ettiene Market
  • Recycling the Past
  • Knock on Wood
  • Southern Beasts
  • Crown Jewels
  • Granny McCormick’s Yard
  • Warrenton Antique Barn
  • Tin Lizzi
  • Main Street Antiques/Cotton Pickin’s

What’s more this guide includes the overall map of the show area for Burton, Carmine, Round Top and Warrenton — along with other key locations. While not to scale, it is aimed at helping visitors know what’s next along the main road. This map is supplemented by show info — for dates, etc. To top it off, it includes maps and information for year-round businesses in Round Top and Carmine — because we know you will want to come back to visit.

$15 for a year’s subscription in 2018.

Single copies available for $10.