“Smart Cottages are the tiny house idea that grew into something more comfortable,” says Dwayne Teeter, president and COO of American Homestar, and the Smart Cottage creator.  “We wanted to become the answer to a problem – the need for a more practical, classy, small house. We wanted to make a bigger, more comfortable and higher-quality home. Energy-efficient, tech-savvy lodging. This idea became the Smart Cottage.”

A Smart Cottage will be at the Round Top Vintage Market from March 20 through April 4.

How are Smart Cottages being used?

Teeter says Smart Cottages are ideal for families that are downsizing or for lake house lodging and vacation rental cottages. Others are adding them for in-law suites or retiree living.

“They are big enough to have family visit, a vacation home on country property, or in a back yard for guests or parents,” Teeter says.

Smart Cottages are Customizable

“We have three different widths, one or two bedrooms and one or two baths options,” Teeter says. He adds choices include tile, flooring, cabinets, floor plan, colors, exterior, metal roof or shingles, and deck.

Teeter says there are four models with four styles to show finishes and generate ideas:

  • Farmhouse – This interior, with white shiplap and corrugated metal accents, will be at the Round Top Show. Wrapped in a 2-bedroom/1 bath model with deck and metal roof.
  • Transitional – Aimed at those who are downsizing, or want an outdoorsy option for a rural property or backyard cottage.
  • Lake House/Country – This style offers compact lodging, ideally suited for a rural or lake property.
  • Modern – This style offers clean, colorful and modern within an efficient use of space.

What is Smart about a Smart Cottage Home?

“Our construction specifications far surpass the typical specs for a tiny home, prefab or manufactured home,” Teeter says. “They can be built to different building codes to fit municipal requirements and are less expensive per-square-foot than the typical tiny house, modular or site-built home.

“We are committed to quality control and know they are built to last.”

Teeter adds the homes feature gabled roofs, deep porches, floor-to-ceiling triple clerestory windows, crown molding, and wide baseboards. Energy-efficient features include double-pane glass windows and doors with interior blinds. All homes are built indoors in a state-of-the-art facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

In addition, they have Smart Technology Features that include keyless entry, smart security light with hidden camera, and smart thermostats and smoke alarms.

Where can I see one?

Tour a Smart Cottage at Round Top Vintage Market at 1235 N. Hwy 237 from March 20 – April 4. Before or after that, Chris LaVorgna can offer tours at Oak Creek Homes in Bryan, Texas, 2103 E. State Highway 21. Call (979) 307-5288 for an appointment. There are 20-plus locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Editor’s note: This is a paid sponsorship with Smart Cottages.