A visit to Marburger Farm Antique Show is one of the highlights of any Round Top Antiques + Design Show for many. The venue has some exciting changes in store for 2024. This in addition to the return of many well-known and loved dealers who bring treasures from all over the world to its hallowed tents each season.

This spring will see the return of some epitomes of taste including Marta Gualda, Melanie Clouser and George Evans. After a sellout last fall, New York-based Holler & Squall will be back with a full collection of lighting line Squalor & Haul. Find them in Marburger Farm’s Tent A (booths Ab8 + Ac8) from March 26 through March 30. 

Meanwhile, the gang from Tent D has moved to the Dance Hall building for spring 2024. Now offering vintage and designer furniture and decor along with antique and vintage fine jewelry on the promenade are Doodad, Circa Modern, Chindi Gallery, Dial M For Modern, Recreo Reinspired, Pass It On, Ltd. and Circa 1700.

Good Livin Co. has expanded its serene space in Tent E to accommodate the curation of timeless antique and vintage furniture. 

“If a space can feel both impeccable and organic at the same time, this is it,” Marburger Farm’s Mallory Culbert says. 

In addition, new dealers with a range of specialties to suit every taste — from trompe-l’œil to tramp — will be debuting in eight of the nine big tents.

Marburger Farm Falls Back 

Looking ahead, Marburger has already revealed new dates for the 2024 Fall Round Top Antiques + Design Show. The venue has historically opened during the final week of the Round Top Antiques + Design Show. This fall, however, the dates will change to the first week of the show — from Tuesday, October 15 through Saturday, October 19 — due to an overlap with High Point. 

The overall Fall Round Top Antiques + Design Show will run from October 10 through October 27. 

“We understand our date change has an impact on the broader Round Top community,” Marburger co-owner and CEO Jeremy Buonamici says. “But it’s our hope that avoiding High Point dates — many of our dealers and shoppers participate in both — will result in a stronger show across Round Top.”

This could be a very good move. See more in the Letter from the chairman on page 16 in the digital Show Guide, or visit Marburger’s website here