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Jeep Menking

Secret Barbecue Sauce

Secret Barbecue Sauce The text said, “The barbecue sauce is so good I want to eat it with a spoon….like soup.” It was the Fourth of July in Round Top. Katie was reporting from the Rifle Hall. I was busy downtown—and missed…

The Secrets of Jeep Menking

The Secrets of Jeep Menking Lorie says: Associated Press style dictates that Eugene “Jeep” Menking should be identified by his last name. After meeting him, his surname alone seems too impersonal, and “Mr. Menking” is too formal. In the…

The Secret to Marriage According to Jeep

The Secret of Marriage According to Jeep Menking When he opened the door for me, Mr. Jeep was standing in his sock feet. The freshly vacuumed carpet was light beige and spotless. I offered to remove my boots. He took one look at them…