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Ima Hogg

Four Things to Do: Round Top

Stroll the squares: Round Top historically has benefited from forward-thinking patrons such as Ima Hogg, Faith Bybee and Hazel Ledbetter among others. The authenticity of Henkel Square and Bybee Square—with their stores and…

Nancy Krause Knows Her Stuff

Nancy Krause, owner of Nancy’s Antiques in Brenham, knows her stuff. She can spot the nuanced distinctions that make one piece of Texas primitive furniture run-of-the-mill and another museum quality.  She can fit 43 pieces of furniture…

Shooting the Breeze with James Dick

Shooting the Breeze by Katie Dickie Stavinoha Lorie and I began our Shooting the Breeze session with James Dick on the stage of Festival Hill’s Concert Hall, which has been called the “most accoustically perfect performance hall in…