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Huff Brewing Company: Global Hometown Style

Huff Brewing Company near Bellville exists because Ryan and Christine Huff love the beverage industry. “We really like traveling to different places, tasting what other brewers are doing and mastering the nuances of the business,” Ryan…

A King and His Castle

Mike Newman of Bellville is king of his castle and a child at heart. “In the mid-‘90s, I purchased 20 acres of land just outside of Bellville with the intention of building a log cabin by hand,” Newman said. “As I was exploring the idea,…

Newman’s Bakery in Bellville

A Taste of Newman’s Bakery in Bellville After graduating from Bellville High School, wanderlust took Mike Newman to Europe where he spent a year in Italy and a year in Spain. He came home with the skill set of a chef and an Irish wife.…