Historic downtown Brenham has just welcomed a new store front with the opening of vintage home goods, menswear and maker space Easy Drifter.

The shop is the fifth new downtown Brenham business to be launched by Jared Anderson and Kathleen Matthews. Easy Drifter has the same vintage, industrial-luxe vibe as the couple’s Ballad of the Bird Dog general goods store, but with a focus on menswear and more offerings from Anderson’s native southwestern United States region. That includes vintage handmade Navajo rugs and leather goods. Easy Drifter will also feature a pop-up barber shop, and space has been designated for classes in hat shaping, candle and soap making and leatherworking.

Yes, this is no ordinary new store in the Texas countryside. 

Easy Drifter is a short walk down Austin street from The Grand Leader building, which currently houses former oil and gas executive Anderson and pastry chef Matthews’ Ballad of the Bird Dog mercantile and Mescalito Coffee and baked goods ventures. The couple completed a thorough renovation and remodel of the historic space last fall to create room for their growing store and provide space for additional tenants.

As if all of this wasn’t enough to manage, the pair also run The Side Door event venue and 1844 Liquor Market, the only package store in downtown Brenham.

“We wanted to introduce great brands and quality products to this small town that we’ve come to really love and appreciate and create a space that covered all the bases,” Matthews says. “A place where you’re comfortable, the people are friendly, you can get a cool drink, maybe something to snack on. It smells good. We’re playing music that hopefully you enjoy.”

This couple has a clear vision for their spaces in Brenham. 

Ballad currently carries about 60 quality, small batch brands. Top sellers include house made scented candles, Red Wing Heritage footwear and branded baseball caps. Other offerings run the gamut from bath and body to home fragrance, kitchen sundries, clothing, Native American jewelry and more. 

Ballad of the Bird Dog and Mescalito Coffe are located inside The Grand Leader at 100 E. Alamo Street check store hours and watch for new product offerings on Instagram @balladofthebirddog and @mescalitocoffee. Easy Drifter is just down the block at 210 E. Alamo Street. Stay posted on maker classes @easydriftertx