The fanciful era comes back to life at Blue Hills at Round Top.

Regency England is making its way to Round Top this March with a Bridgerton-inspired booth. It’s Regency but with a fresh take as antiques and different unique pieces will be available for purchase that are inspired by Bridgerton‘s set.

Put together by Kristin Mullens of Dallas-area Kristin Mullen Designs, the booth will have goods up to even Lady Whistledown’s high standards.

A Netflix hit, season one of Bridgerton brought us viewers some much-needed fun Regency-era drama. The drama has been so well-received that the queen, or lady, of gossip herself, Lady Whistledown has announced that it has already been renewed for a second season.

Inspiring everything this season from wedding dresses to the runway. The Regency-style has seen a sort of renaissance. For its part, we can thank Bridgerton for helping to bring the 1800s style back en vogue. Puff sleeves and empire waists included.

Kristin Mullen of Kristin Mullen Designs
Kristin Mullen Designs is bringing her colorful style to Blue Hills in a Bridgerton-inspired booth (photo by Kristin Mullen Designs).

“Having a Ball with Bridgerton” will be at Blue Hills offering the ultimate immersive shopping experience. With rooms that are taking inspiration straight from the show’s set. Visit the “Bridgerton Drawing Room” and “Daphne’s Dressing Room” to find regency-inspired antiques and furnishings.

Worldly Designs Based Out Of Dallas

Originally from Maryland and a long-time resident of Dallas, Kristin Mullen is an interior designer whose passion for design began when she was little. Learning from her avid interior designer mom, Mullen has been honing her craft for years. Mullen has lived in London and spent time getting to know the style and architecture of the historic city. First-hand knowledge of the setting in which the Regency-era drama is set in definitely helps when curating Bridgerton-inspired goods.

Bridgerton-inspired goods at Blue Hills at Round Top
Kristin Mullen Designs’ goods inspired by the Bridgerton study will be at Blue Hills at Round Top (photo by Kristin Mullen Designs).

Mullen’s travels around the world, especially in Europe and Asia, have inspired her work and timeless aesthetic.

For Kristin Mullen Designs, color is an important aspect of the business. This is for good reason as Mullen explains, “strong colors will dictate how many layers one needs, whereas a neutral palette will allow for more layering before one’s eye tires.”

Kristin Mullen Designs offers both Design and Curated Services helping to make their client’s visions for their homes a reality. Mullen also has an online shop perfect for getting her signature whimsical look in your own home.

Bridgerton-inspired antiques at Blue Hills at Round Top
Antiques inspired by Daphne’s Dressing Room will be at Kristin Mullen Designs’ booth at Blue Hills at Round Top (photo by Kristin Mullen Designs).

Kristin Mullen is an award-winning designer who was recently awarded Best Designer by D Home magazine. Mullens was also on the LUXE 2020 Gold List.

“Having a Ball with Bridgerton” will be at Blue Hills at Round Top for three weeks from Saturday, March 20 until Saturday, April, 3.