If you’ve been to Fredericksburg lately, you’ve seen the results of its complete transformation from a quirky, Germanic outpost to a wine trail wonder and one of Texas’ more upscale destinations. One local business has been there through it all. In fact, Fischer & Wieser has been on a similar trajectory as Fredericksburg― straight up.

What began as a roadside fruit stand run by Mark Wieser in 1969, operating out of an 1870s-era log cabin known as Das Peach Haus, has grown into a gourmet specialty foods empire with international reach. Case Fischer, who started working there in 1979 when he was in high school, later returned to help grow the business after he graduated from Texas A&M University. Fischer & Wieser has now racked up more than 80 awards for its ever-expanding range of goods.

Case and Deanna Fischer enjoy a bit of Roasted Raspberry Chipotle and cream cheese.

The thing that first flew off the shelves and brought Fischer & Wieser into supermarkets everywhere was its Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce, which came out in 1996. Fashionable hostesses from across Texas would stockpile bottles of this sauce as a pantry staple after visits to Fredericksburg, pouring it over a block of cream cheese as their signature hors d’oeuvre.

“It’s the national hors d’oeuvre of Texas,” Fischer & Wieser co-owner Deanna Fischer tells RoundTop.com laughing. “Before that we were just another regional jelly company. Suddenly, people were calling us for our products.”

Demand and recognition grew. So did the product line. While Fischer & Wieser’s web address is still simply Jelly.com, the company’s offerings now encompass more than 150 sauces, salsas, condiments, jams, jellies and yes, even wine.

Fischer & Wieser’s spicy blackberry wine glaze is just one of the brand’s many prodcuts.

Over the years, Fischer & Wieser added popular cooking classes, bed and breakfasts and a wine tasting room. The brand’s newest offering is Dietz Distillery, which is run by the owners’ son Dietz Fischer and daughter Elle Kate Fischer. Just opened in November of 2021, Dietz Distillery now produces a juniper-forward, dry, London-style gin known as Five Judges Gin and a peach and pear brandy.

Get a Taste of Fischer & Wieser at The Halles

Now, Fischer & Wieser has popped up at The Halles events venue for the Round Top Spring Antiques Show. A number of Fischer & Wieser products are available to buy and you can taste their five wines. There wines include two German standards (a dry riesling and a gewürztraminer), an earthy sangiovese, a merlot/cab blend called König Red (named in honor of the family’s König cabin) and a peach Moscato. Fischer & Wieser is working with Texas winery Messina Hof on the expanding collection. These are all 100 percent Texas wines.

VIP pass holders at The Halles will even get to take home some of their favorite Fischer & Wieser jellies and sauces. They are also treated to daily hors d’oeuvres made from the company’s goods.

A couple relaxes by the Fischer’s pond in Fredericksburg.

“We are a heritage Texas company ― Texas Hill Country epicureans,” Deanna Fischer says. “Case wanted the farm to be a destination where people could see the fruit in the orchard. Our house is right next door. And we love to share the experience with others.”

So much so that Fischer & Wieser plans to host a drawing at The Halles during the Spring Show for a two night’s stay for eight people at the family’s farmhouse. The trip will include tours of the farm, a wine and distillery tasting and even a cooking class. So be sure to stop by The Halles to get your name in this special drawing.

What could be finer than sipping a glass of wine by the Fischers’ quiet pond?

The Fischer & Wieser Farmstand is located at 1406 S. US Highway 87 in Fredericksburg.