Paige and Smoot Hull of The Vintage Round Top (RVT for short) have been on the hunt again for unique finds ― both antique and one-of-a-kind, as well as modern statements by their favorite makers.

Now, the long-awaited Collection 02 has launched on the RVT website. (Check it out here.)

“In the beginning, the lodging was so much of our focus that our web shop was more of a side venture,” Paige Hull tells

The Hulls’ collection of chic cottages are among Round Top’s most sought after destination accommodations, both during the antiques shows and year round. These cottages are not just comfy getaways. People come to immerse themselves in the style and design of the spaces.

Paige and Smoot Hull wrapped in a Swiss Army grilling apron from their new Collection 02.

“We originally sold at Marburger Farm to get our name out there before launching sales on our website. We want to put the collections out as if you are shopping at a curated booth,” Paige says.

The first Collection (dubbed 01) took to the web in December of 2020. The one-off items sell out fast, while some of the more modern pieces are collected with multiples, so there is an inventory. Though when they sell out, those too are gone.

“We are now working with artisans to create special items and we wanted to be more intentional about defining our collections,” Paige says. “We are also pulling from past buying trips in Europe and American flea markets. For the shop we’ll be offering cool brands and makers.”

Set of three vases from Style Union Home.

This couple has quite a warehouse stash of items they’ve brought home to Round Top from their travels, and Paige admits she’s a bit of an antique hoarder. Parting with some of her favorite items can be tough. But she can’t wait to see them find a new home.

“Our jam really is hand-crafted items, so we collaborated with Style Union Home,” Paige notes. “Kym Gold is one of the founders of True Religion Jeans. We are presenting seven products from her exclusive line.”

Collection 02 also has bath salts from The Butcher’s Daughter, which has locations in both New York and Los Angeles. And the Vintage RT line is evolving too. You’ll find unisex items now, including Swiss Army wine totes, zippered bags and even grilling aprons.

The collection includes finds from buying trips to Europe and across America.

Paige Hull is decorating the cottages at The Vintage Round Top with the new collection as well, including those Swiss Army pillow covers and Style Union’s sculptural vases and candlesticks. The Hulls began what they call Shop Where You Sleep, which allows guests to touch and feel and use items in the collections ― the swankest try-it-before-you-buy-it concept around. Paige expects the Vintage RT line to expand, and is working on a line of exclusive bathrobes to cozy up the cottages even more.

“Most of all we want to tell the stories of these items,” Paige says. “The places we found them and about the makers themselves. We are in the process of designing a more robust website to include more of those details, and we are working with Public 311 Design out of LA on design and photography.

“The mother/daughter team of Shauna and Natashia Holland are really amazing and talented.”

Modern u-shaped candlestick design.

The Hulls anticipate launching two to three Collections per year going forward. Paige Hull loves the hunt as much as sharing her finds.

“People have a sense of the stories behind each item,” she says. “There is a soul in hand-made or heirloom pieces that have been handed down from generation to generation. We are all about mixing modern with vintage.”

Now you can gather a bit of Round Top style, right on your laptop, and bring it home.