In the heart of Texas, Houston native Lauren Wills Grover of Wills Design Associates orchestrates a transformative dance of sophistication and relaxation for second-home design. The canvas: sprawling Texas landscapes. The objective: crafting veritable havens for those seeking downtime perfection. From light refreshes to total home projects, including a 60-acre Brenham ranch project, Grover shares the secrets behind her design alchemy where spatial harmony, elegance, and tailored comfort converge into an artful masterpiece.

Interior design by Wills Design Associates. (Photo by Studio Thanasis)

To start the design process, Grover proposes a poetic embrace of Texas’ expansive beauty. For those craving space and tranquility in their second homes, the prescription is clear: open floor plans. This design aesthetic seamlessly merges interiors with the vast outdoors, allowing natural light to cascade throughout each space. The result is uninterrupted views of the picturesque surroundings, transforming the home into a sanctuary bathed in Texas sunlight.

Next, enter the realm of elegance, where Grover intertwines rustic charm with timeless sophistication. Furniture and decoratives are often sourced from her favorite Round Top vendors. Reclaimed wood, locally sourced stone, and earthy hues drawn from the state’s diverse landscape coalesce into a design narrative paying homage to Texas’s rich heritage. The objective is to create spaces that feel simultaneously opulent and grounded, a visual feast resonating with the soul of Texas.

Interior design by Wills Design Associates. (Photo by Studio Thanasis)

For Grover, the expansive Texas landscape becomes not just a backdrop but an extension of living spaces. Luxurious patios, verandas, and chic al fresco dining areas emerge as seamless transitions from the interior. Plush outdoor furniture, cozy firepits, and a verdant embrace of lush greenery craft inviting spaces for relaxation and entertainment, allowing residents to revel in the serenity of the outdoors.

In Grover’s world, luxury and comfort are synonymous. Sumptuous, oversized furniture with rich textures and fabrics become the focal point. Layering is key: Soft throws, plush rugs, and opulent cushions invite you to sink into sublime relaxation after a day of adventures, embodying comfort and style.

As the sun sets over the Texas horizon, Grover emphasizes the transformative power of artful lighting. Carefully selected fixtures — statement chandeliers, elegant sconces, and floor lamps — transcend mere functionality, infusing the space with glamour and enhancing the overall ambiance. The result is a play of light and shadow.

Interior design by Wills Design Associates. (Photo by Studio Thanasis)

Grover’s design philosophy transcends the visual to the cultural, as she advocates for thoughtful collections of art. Whether works by local artists or historical pieces, infusing weekend homes with unique artwork creates the story of each project through brushstrokes and sculpture. 

Grover’s design ethos is a delicate balance of authenticity, sophisticated elements, and an unwavering commitment to comfort to craft the perfect country home that reflects the grandeur of Texas and provides a respite from city life. 

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