Jalisco-born furniture designer Francisco Pinedo’s brand is synonymous with quality and workmanship. But you can call him Cisco. In fact, everyone has since childhood and the nickname stuck. Pinedo’s Cisco Home brand is well respected in the furniture manufacturing capital of America ― High Point, North Carolina — and its home state of California, where Cisco Home has two showrooms (one in Culver City, the other in Pasadena). And now, it’s making a move in Round Top.

After years of inspirational buying trips to Round Top, Cisco Home finally planted a showroom in the tiny Texas town in 2020. It became known as Cisco Village, and is located at 1350 North State Highway 237.

“My father began attending Round Top shows on buying trips over 15 years ago. He loves bringing vintage elements into our showrooms,” says Maurishka Pinedo, Francisco’s oldest daughter and Cisco Home’s president. “We’ve always wanted to be a part of it.

“And our plan is to transition the space at Cisco Village into a regular Cisco showroom space.”

When Cisco Home first entered the Round Top market in October of 2020, its showroom was only open during the Round Top Antiques Shows. Now it is open year-round Thursdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm and by appointment on Sundays. Of course during show season, Cisco Village is open daily starting at 10 am. And it’s quickly becoming party central with live music and late night shopping and taco nights, which are very good by the way.

The Pinedo’s have also opened up their 12-acre cabin retreat to house Round Top shoppers and vacationers. Named Oakbones, Maurishka Pinedo calls it “a modern cabin commune.”

“It’s a place where people can host events,” she says. “We are currently building an event hall on the property, which will hopefully be finished in time to debut at the fall show. And we are still firming up the details, but plan to host wine tastings at Oakbones featuring several Fredericksburg wineries.”

More details on those wine tastings are still to come.

This Oakbones retreat is designed to be summer camp in style with a common mess hall, an outdoor lounge and a shared pool. The stylish digs are all designed and furnished with Cisco Home furniture though. So it’s unlike any summer camp you’ve likely ever attended.

Oak Bones – The Mess Hall is unlike any summer camp we can remember
The Mess Hall at Oakbones is unlike any summer camp we can remember.

Even if you don’t stay at Oakbones, you can still get a taste for the space. Cisco Home hosts dinners during the antiques show runs that often sell out.

“Our food journey in Round Top started when my father and one of his Turkish friends cooked everything at our pop-up restaurant,” Maurishka Pinedo says. “This year we are working with a chef to continue the tradition.”

You can book reservations at Oakbones here, via its property management provider Hostîe Vacation Rentals.

Cisco Home and the Power of Family

Cisco Home truly is a family business — with all hands on deck. Pinedo’s three brothers have been onboard since the beginning. Salvador Pinedo is the company’s wood-carving artist, while Martin Pinedo is the plant manager and Jose Pinedo owns Wise Living, crafting frames and other wood products that are carried at Cisco Home stores. Francisco Pinedo’s sister Rosie now runs the Pasadena store. And two of his three daughters work in the family business as well. Besides Maurishka, his middle daughter Natalie is a sales associate in Pasadena.

The youngest daughter Amanda doesn’t work for the company. Or in the furniture world. Instead, Amanda Pinedo has won five Emmys for her Los Angeles-based documentaries, Maurishka Pinedo proudly tells RoundTop.com. Maurishka and her father are the creative directors behind Cisco Home.

Cisco Home sources natural fabrics and textiles, to make each piece your own.
Cisco Home sources natural fabrics and textiles, to make each piece your own.

This furniture maker has everything you need to outfit every room, plus modern lighting and mirrors. Pick your style and then go wild with custom options. The stylish fabric choices can be upholstered or slipcovered. The wide selection of natural fiber fabrics is where Maurishka really shines. She sources the textiles from American and European vendors.

“Cisco Home has been manufacturing furniture in Los Angeles for nearly 35 years now,” Maurishka says. “But we also opened a facility in North Carolina about seven years ago, because about 60 percent of our customers are actually on the East Coast.”

Cisco Home’s Donato Sofa was lauded as on of the best slipcovered sofas of the year by Domino Magazine.
Cisco Home’s Donato Sofa was lauded as one of the best slipcovered sofas of the year by Domino Magazine.

Choose from dramatic 108-inch long benches from their John Derian Collection, or the curvaceous mid-century lines of the Delcan chair and ottoman from the Environment Collection. Cisco Home has an eclectic and modern mix that hints at old world styling, but with a decidedly updated sensibility. The Donato Sofa even made Domino magazine’s list of the Best Slipcovered Sofas of 2022, with its single cushion seat and thin armrests.

“We are really a California brand,” Maurishka Pinedo says. “We prioritize comfort over everything. There’s always a relaxed thread running through our designs.”

And a perfect fit with Round Top.