Almost everyone has a things-to-do list. While grocery shopping and picking up the laundry are necessary, they’re not nearly as fun as exploring the Roundtopolis. While the Round Top Antiques Shows may be the most famous event in our area, they’re just the beginning of the discoveries waiting to be made in the region. Check out what we suggest in Fayetteville.

May we Suggest?

Discover the meaning of SPJST: Visit the SPJST Hall #1.The SPJST (Slovanska, Podporujici, Jednota, Statu, Texasu which in English means Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas) is a Czech organization and Fayetteville had the first chapter. It was dedicated on Oct. 2, 1910. A sign, S panem Boheme, perches above the door bidding all who part “Godspeed.”

Things to do in Fayetteville
May we suggest five things to see/do in Fayetteville?

Be a fan: Take in Fayetteville Lions baseball game at a stadium that would be the envy of a school three times its size. Enrollment at Fayetteville ISD is just over 200 students in K-12.

Get a little culture: Tour a gallery, attend an opening or one of the many special events such as ArtWalk by Arts for Rural Texas (ART).Things to do in Fayetteville

The stars at night: Attend a star gazing party organized by the Colorado Valley Dark Sky explorers, a community astronomy group.

Just a swingin’: See an old steel truss bridge on Willow Springs Road. Backroads trips often lead to delightful discoveries. Roll down your window and wave to every one you meet.

What would you add to this list of Things to do in Fayetteville?