Talkin’ Shop with Recycling the Past


The Roundtopolis is home to a variety of businesses of all sizes. Through our “Talkin’ Shop” column, we’ll introduce you to the entrepreneurs you pass often. We’re talking with Matt White of Recycling the Past and the Round Top Ballroom. During our visit, he was multi-tasking at top speed, directing crews in various locations across the country, including one that was working on three soon-to-be-ready shipping containers, called FLOPHAUZE, destined to be living quarters and rentals in Round Top. EXTRA: See our interview with Matt during the Spring 2016 Antiques Show.



  • Recycling the Past
  • Address: 1132 FM 1291 N., Round Top TX 78954
  • Hours of operation: Daily during the twice annual shows; by chance or appointment at other times
  • Phone number: 979-484-7288
  • Owner: Matt White


Recycling the Past and new store
Matt White of Recycling the Past in Round Top has taken on a new rehab project at the corner of Highway 237 and Century Farm Road.
Recycling the Past Round Top
Recycling the Past in Round Top, Texas has roots in New Jersey.

What brought you to Round Top? Mark Dooley, who owns

Ex-Cess I and II, told me I needed to come check it out. I brought a half-loaded box truck and set up in the mud. I have been coming back for more than 16 years. For the past 6-7 years I did both shows. Now I have this building for Recycling the Past —and a new location at the corner of Highway 290 and 237.

How do you describe your business? We have a salvage and demolition business that has evolved into repurposing and reselling—helping others create and design everything from boats to planes to businesses and even landscapes.

What do you have in the Round Top Ballroom? Doors, windows, rocks, airplane parts, wood panels, flooring, boards, mirrors, lighting, a telephone booth, furniture…George’s boots. World War II things.

Recycling the Past in Round Top with wooden rollers
Interesting wood, doors, windows are found at Recycling the Past’s Round Top warehouse.

So it’s a store? It’s also an event venue. We can host parties of all types. We have 12,000 square feet of space and a kitchen that can handle a crowd.

What else are you working on? We closed a warehouse in Philadelphia and are consolidating what we had up there in Round Top. We are salvaging a huge East Coast estate.

Recycling the Past Round Top Texas and a giant gymnasium letters
Recycling the Past and the Round Top Ballroom offer unique items.

We’re helping Joe Braman with his winery/brewery/tasting room in Richmond, Texas and working on various bars in Austin and Houston. Helping with Revival Cycles‘ new space at the SOCO Hotel. Our container project is called FLOPHAUZE — they will be for rent and we can customize them and transport them to your lot anywhere in the world. And we’re rehabbing the old Siebel General Store near the corner of Highway 290 and 237. It will be open in time for the spring show.

Recycling the Past
The after photo for Recycling the Past’s Annex, near the corner of U.S. Highway 290 and State Highway 237

What do you want your customers to experience? want people to have the most

Recycling the Past's Matt White
Matt White has been coming to Round Top for more than 16 years; two years ago he built a permanent warehouse and event venue.

amazing experience of ever had because we got the cool shit they’ve ever seen

 What makes Round Top special? The people, the stars, the sunsets. Go to Festival Hill—probably the greatest concert hall I’ve ever seen. Drive the backroads….

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? Keep your overhead low and always evolve.