The Tipping Point of No Return

I (Katie) admit that sometimes I find tipping to be challenge…Not doing it, but figuring out when/where/how. When I read this post by Dayna Steele (who I think has good sense and is witty besides) it caused me to think…I mean I totally get restaurant staff; but do you tip someone at the counter who is taking your money…when you are expected to get your own drink, your food, etc.? Do you tip the salon owner if he is the one doing your hair? I’ve heard no.

The advice about the trash people — mine change weekly. Welcome your thoughts…

Generosity at its best

When someone leaves a $100 bill on a $1 coffee or the rare gold coin shows up at a charity at Christmas, you hear those good stories.

Here’s one I bet you don’t hear.

For several months, we have had a television that doesn’t work parked in various rooms in our home. Frankly, we didn’t know what to do with it and as a planned bathroom remodel languished, so did our conviction to addressing said television.

Note that a clawfoot tub graced my living room for almost a year as we sporadically were DIYers in the bathroom. (If you don’t know it, TexCzechs of the Bohemian lineage are genetically opposed to paying people to do work they can do, even if they  have a more-than-full-time-job.)tipping and bath tub

Shortly before Christmas, we decided to call in professionals to finish the project. Shower was drywalled and tiled; wood-look tile from Floor & Decor was installed. The work was about done, save for the installation of the granite seat in the shower.

With the whole house in complete disarray and tile saws and hammers interrupting my ability to write, I busied myself going through drawers, etc. I discovered a bunch of old t-shirts and towels, destined for the rag pile. I asked the granite installers if they needed any rags…they welcomed the big sack quickly.

So I got to thinking…maybe they knew someone who worked on televisions.

As a matter of fact they did. They thought a non-working big screen television was a good idea. So they loaded it up.

At 1:08 a.m. of one to-be-sleepless night I sat up in bed and wondered where the “good” television was. So I woke my husband (the previously mentioned frugal TexCzech), who didn’t have good info or a very good attitude regarding my question…and I proceeded downstairs.

I. Had. Given. Away. The. New. Television.

Nice tip, huh?

Post Script: After discovering my error, I debated whether to talk to the general contractor. Didn’t want the granite guys to get in trouble…so I soft-sounded it with my contact. In less than an hour, I had my new television back.

They got a nice tip.

And finally, there was an electronics recycling event at the neighborhood elementary school and the albatross, er, television, was donated!