Fitness enthusiasts rejoice. Round Top’s first full-service gym, complete with spanking new free weights, commercial grade weight machines, group classes and personal training is open at The Halles. Welcome to The Halles Gym.

The 1,800-square-foot workout facility is divided into two equally sized areas, one for strength training and conditioning with free weights and commercial quality equipment including the following machines: leg press, leg extension/leg curl, Smith machine, free motion cable machine, chest press, incline press, shoulder press, lat pull-down and seated row machine. A Peloton bike and Pilates reformer are also available.

Commercial grade equipment, free weights and more at The Halles Gym (photo by Chris Pierre Bachman)

The other half of the facility is designated for yoga classes (offered during the antiques shows), balance and stability training, plus mobility, stretching and recovery with medicine balls, yoga balls, exercise resistance bands, balance pods and foam rollers. Personal and small group training with gym owner and certified personal trainer Zuzana Kastleman is also available for booking. 

Monthly memberships to The Halles Gym come with a free assessment including body mass index (BMI) measurement and personalized workout plans. Need gym access during the antiques shows only? Simply sign up for a one-month membership. There are no sign-up or cancellation fees.

To obtain membership, scan the QR code below to register. Once registration is complete, an email will be sent from KISI with instructions on how to download the electronic gym access app. A smartphone with the KISI app downloaded will be necessary to enter the gym via the reader located at the gym’s entrance. 

The gym is accessible to members daily from 6 am to 11 pm. Classes are offered from Thursdays to Sundays and include special classes for ages 50-plus. All members can view and book classes and training sessions through the Glofox app.

For more information visit The Halles Gym website, here. Questions? Email [email protected]