While visiting Round Top, you can grab a bed just about anywhere. From a camper in the middle of somebody’s field to a room at a historic bed and breakfast. But at one unique retreat, you will find yourself surrounded by art and inspiration. Isn’t that exactly what you come to Round Top to find in the first place? Step into ​​Bediko’s International Retreat.

Originally from Belize, Kwaku Bediko is an artist turned hospitality host. It all began in 1986 when he established Bediko’s Antiques and Custom Woodworks. But woodworking was just the beginning. Bediko’s artistic expression escalated from wood carving to metal and stone sculpting, and eventually to painting. All under the heading of Bediko Finearte.

Bediko enjoyed early success decorating interiors and exteriors for many restaurants in the Houston area. 

In fact, if you’ve ever been to a Chuy’s restaurant, you have enjoyed his artwork. The sculptural palm trees that decorate many Chuy’s restaurants are constructed of scrap metal, then installed and hand painted by Bediko. Over the years, Bediko has produced hundreds of coconut palm trees, which are now installed in 90 Chuy’s Restaurants in 19 states. These days his grandson Bhalil has taken over the project.

Bediko’s One Of A Kind Retreat

​​Bediko’s International Retreat has four very unique guest accommodations. For instance, the room dubbed Chumba has one single bed and one queen bed, making it perfect for friends to share. This room has its own private bath with an elaborate mosaic tile design.

Other accommodations include La Boda, the wedding suite. The La Sala and Texana rooms bring various sleeping arrangements and their own unique design.

​​Bediko’s International Retreat also boasts a large covered porch, fitted with hammocks for lounging, plus a coffee maker and a microwave. On site you can also enjoy common areas like a sauna, picnic tables, a barbecue grill, even a fully equipped kitchen, which has everything guests need to prepare light meals.

A feast for the senses, Bediko’s International Retreat is a lush, tropical paradise in the middle of ranches and farms. Kwaku Bediko aims to almost transport his guests to another country during their stay in the Texas countryside. His eclectic design and tropical decor are designed to make it feel like you stumbled into a village of a distant shore. Inspiration surrounds, thanks the sense of wonder built by the elements he has collected, repurposed and installed over the years.

Like Dorothy clicking her ruby slippers, you’ll be warmly received, but you’ll get the feeling you’re not in Texas anymore. That is all by design. For more information about Kwaku’s art, or to book a stay, go to Bediko’s International Retreat’s full website.