There is no shortage of events in greater Round Top come antiques show season. In part due to the efforts of Vincent Peach of Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry. Peach displays a real commitment to wowing and entertaining his customers.

Year after year, Vincent Peach’s events sell out and keep growing in size. Including the annual dinner, held at Zapp Hall during the fall show. Put on in collaboration with Royers Cafe, the Vincent Peach X Royers Dinner Party is a multi-course dinner and fashion show. It’s about giving hungry shoppers a fun evening of fine dining and live music at Zapp Hall.

“We decided it would be fun,” Vincent Peach says of the dinner’s more modest beginnings. “We did 50 people the first one and it sold out within two days and then we bumped it up to a 100 and that sold out. This one’s a 125 — and it sold out immediately. Our customers love it.”

In the dinner’s four-year history, this one was the biggest yet with around 50 more people on a waitlist. Always growing, next year’s dinner is likely to be a 200 person strong affair.

The annual dinner is centered around food and fashion, but live music from The Pettit Brothers upped the party feel in 2021.

Peach first started visiting Round Top as a furniture seller until he realized that people preferred his jewelry designs to his couches and tables. Now, he sells out of Zapp Hall. “This is one of the first places where we really got a true cult following,” Peach says.

Caviar Fun

Just two days after the dinner, Peach and Michelle Garcia hosted a high-end caviar reception out of their store in Market Hill. Shoppers selected new pieces of fine jewelry while sipping on fine French Champagne and munching on Ossetra Caviar. Coming from the Caspian Sea in Russia, this is some of the finest caviar in the world.

Having been a regular show feature for nearly a decade now, Vincent Peach’s caviar bonanza has been accompanied by an in-house oyster shucker in past years.

“It completely sets us apart, no one else does that,” Peach says. “It costs a lot of money, is also time-consuming and takes extra effort. But we love it. I love entertaining.”

Peach and his team are planning to host their special Dinner Party at Market Hill next year. This natural entertainer is already planning to hire a production company to set up the runway with visions of collaborating with a partner for the clothing for the fashion show.

Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry certainly knows how to throw a memorable party. Usually more than one.