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Rick Perry

Round Top Reaction to Rick Perry Nomination

Round Top Reaction to Rick Perry Nomination as Secretary of Energy Former Gov. Rick Perry has been nominated to serve as the Secretary of Energy by President-elect Donald Trump. Perry, a native of West Texas’ Paint Creek community, and…

Shooting the Breeze: Coby D. Shorter III

Lorie and I ran into Coby D. Shorter III at the installation of Gov. Rick Perry's portrait at the State Capitol. As a result of working together at the Texas Department of Agriculture, Lorie and I knew Coby's Colorado County roots. On the…

Shooting the Breeze with Rick Perry

I sat down with Rick Perry under the oak trees on the Round Top Town Square. Black Cat Choir was playing for the first-ever Fried Chicken Throwdown. We were joined by Perry's long-time friend and fellow Round Top citizen Tommy Orr…