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Fayette County Texas

Rohan Meadery: A Honey of a Winery

John and Wendy Rohan are busy as bees operating Blissful Folly Farm, home to their honey-based winery Rohan Meadery—and their family. “We both have full-time jobs that we enjoy, but Blissful Folly Farm is our full-time passion,” said…

The Bald Eagle in Coastal Texas

The bald eagle, our national emblem, is one of the most charismatic birds in Texas. It’s a species that people will stop to watch; it gives people a sense of wilderness. It’s also a species that was almost eliminated as a breeder in Texas.…

The Runaway Scrape

by Lonn Taylor The Rambling Boy The weeks between March 6, 1836, when the Alamo fell, and April 21, when Santa Anna was defeated at San Jacinto, were the darkest in Texas history. Santa Anna’s army moved eastward from San Antonio into…