While each piece of hand-crafted furniture and lighting from reworks Home is a fresh interpretation of classic design, the team’s creativity shines especially bright in their custom-designed pieces.

“We revel in collaboration,” said Chotsie Gregson, who co-owns the Austin-based company with her partner Willem Sypesteyn. “Designing a custom piece alongside a client allows us to brainstorm, develop a vision, bring the pieces together and share the excitement of making a shared vision a reality.”

reworks Home will be set up in The Stables at the Compound from Sept. 21 – Oct. 5. Shoppers can place a custom order or choose from one-of-a-kinds as well the studio’s line of “reproducibles,” which are hand-made but available in larger quantities.

Founded in 2010, the studio has made a name for itself by elevating antique elements to contemporary style. Led by Gregson and Sypesteyn, the studio’s artisans rely on elements of classic design as they meld metal, glass, stone, wood and fabric into eye-catching hand-made pieces that enhance a room without overwhelming it. They find inspiration in organic forms and textures that add a hint of motion and life to a space.

reworks home customizes in Round Top Sepestyn and Gregson

The studio focuses on furniture such as end tables, drink tables, consoles, mirrors and benches as well as lighting such as chandeliers, sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. When it comes to custom pieces, the artisans apply their skills to an even wider array of goods including wall units, cabinets, vanities, counter tops and home décor such as mirrors, pillows, screens and brackets.

“With custom pieces, the possibilities are almost limitless,” said Gregson, noting that reworks Home does not design fine furniture or weather-proof outdoor lighting. “And the process isn’t scary.”

The design process begins with a conversation between the client and the reworks Home team to determine what the client has in mind. The initial visit includes a tour of the 3,000-square-foot Austin studio/workshop where clients see completed pieces, works in progress and the inventory of collected finds—all of which can spark ideas.

Clients are encouraged to bring measurements, photos (if they’re available) of the room and the specific space where the piece will go as well photos from magazines, blue prints and even free-hand sketches.

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“We can usually produce exactly what the client is looking for because we can create sizes and finishes that the big box stores can’t,” Gregson said. “Plus, the quality of our materials and workmanship far exceeds most of the mass-produced items widely available through traditional retail.”

Once the vision is agree upon and final material selections are made, the team bids the project and the pricing is approved. The client pays a 50 percent deposit with the remainder payable upon the project’s completion. The construction process can take from six weeks to seven months, depending on the availability of materials, the complexity of the projects, design plan alterations and other variables. Shipping and installation charges, if either are necessary, are assessed separately. “Clients have fun and enjoy collaborating on something unique and beautiful they will enjoy in their everyday lives,” Gregson said. “Everything in your home environment is part of your life, but nothing more so than a piece that reflects your singular vision, personality and style.”

“Clients have fun and enjoy collaborating on something unique and beautiful they will enjoy in their everyday lives,” Gregson said.

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Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by reworks Home.