by Lorie A. Woodward
photos by Dixie Ray Hamilton, DixieRay Photography

Twice a year during the Round Top Antiques Shows, local pastures are transformed to fertile fields for the imagination. Designers, artisans, entrepreneurs and hobbyists come seeking one-of-a-kind finds and inspiration. Something in the air, perhaps the scent of wildflowers or barbecue smoke, imbues creative types with the desire to reimagine, repurpose and restore.

In their hands, old things get new lives.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a cadre of creatives:

Brinda Dunlap and Betsy Jones, Church Lane ladies reimagine repurpose restoreartists in fabric who co-own Church Lane Upholstery Co. LLC in Waldeck.

Linda Hamilton, an artisan based in Warrenton, who specializes in metals through her company Texas Trash & Treasures.Hamiltons reimagine repurpose restore Dixie Ray Photography Doug Westfall reimagine repurpose restore








Doug Westfall is  a woodworker who  co-owns Westfall Real Estate and Associates in Giddings — as well as Woodwork by Westfall.

And because auctions are a great source of both vintage goods and inspiration, I talked with Charlie Teel and Jeremy Teel, owners of Antiques Rovers, an auction services company based in Montalba, Texas. They host the twice annual antiques auction in conjunction with Antiques on the Square in Fayetteville.Antique Rovers and Lisa Stansbury Reimagine Repurpose Restore