French limestone, the world’s densest, is the foundation of Paris’s beauty and Provence’s farmhouse charm—and it’s available in Round Top from Alisanne Wonderland during the 2018 Winter Antiques Show.

“Limestone is the fundamental building block of France,” said Alisanne Frew, owner of Alisanne Wonderland, a Paris-based exporter of wholesale French limestone and exquisite antiques. “French limestone is a beautiful, ‘living breathing stone’ and the reason people fall in love with Parisian architecture and Provence farmhouses.”

Alisanne Wonderland in Round Top with limestone wall

Frew, a native of the Midwest has lived in Paris since 1973.  She hand selects French limestone directly from the quarry and delivers it to the United States at wholesale prices under the banner of Alisanne Wonderland. The company will be set up at The Compound from Jan. 25 – Jan. 28, 2018.

“I have worked with the same quarry for 25 years, so they know my expectations and I know their quality,” Frew said. “With my network and knowledge, I can deliver French limestone to a building site for 50 percent less than any other supplier in Texas.”

Alisanne French Limestone Restoration at 2018 Winter Antiques Show

While Texas and France cover the same amount of land, the limestone found in each place is vastly different. Texas limestone originated under fresh water, which made it porous and soft. As a construction material, it is prone to chipping, flaking, molding and staining. French limestone was formed when the Mediterranean Sea, one of the world’s saltiest, covered much of France.  Its marine beginnings not only provide character with fossilized fish and seashells, but the water’s salt content increased the resulting stone’s density.

“French limestone is the world’s densest limestone and therefore the world’s most durable limestone,” Frew said. “It doesn’t have to be sealed when it’s installed. If your floors are French limestone, dogs with muddy feet and children on bicycles are nothing to worry about.”

Alisanne Wonderland Round Top marble fireplaces

Still not convinced it is durable? Consider Paris again. The Louvre and Notre Dame, buildings that capture the world’s imagination, were constructed beginning in 1100 A.D. They’re still standing strong, and with a recent cleaning they—and all of the buildings in Paris—have returned to their original light-hued glory.

“If you build a home using French limestone, you’re building an heirloom,” Frew said.

The selection and purchasing process is simple. Once a potential client has expressed serious interest, the Alisanne Wonderland team will set up a 10’ x 10’ sample at the client’s site for review. This gives the buyer a true sense of the material and its aesthetic.

“Unlike a showroom that provides a single sample tile, we provide a sample space,” Frew said. “We want people to know what they’re buying—and be confident it is what they want.”

Once the buyers select either a single color tone or a mixed palette, Frew will take the samples to the quarry where the quarrymen will pull uniform blocks from the quarry to source the project.

“Because we directly source the stone, we can ensure that a client gets a uniform batch,” Frew said. “Showrooms are retailers so they must take what they are given—and so must their customers.”

Alisanne Wonderland Jars at 2018 Winter Antiques Show

Buyers are required to put 50 percent down when ordering and 50 percent when the stone leaves France.  An order takes five weeks for production and four weeks “on the water” from France to the United States.

In addition to flooring, Alisanne Wonderland also offers custom French limestone fireplaces, pool coping and fountains.

“If you can draw it, we can build it,” Frew said. “We specialize in exquisite.”

For more information visit Frew at the Alisanne Wonderland booth in the Peck Barn at The Compound from Jan. 25 – Jan. 28 or call her +1 (440) 665-9408/[email protected]