Art is one of the purest forms people can use to express themselves. This is true over any medium, but especially in painting. Through a paint brush and canvas, artists can express their true emotions creatively.

This rings very true for Patrick J. Peters III who entered the art world as a way to escape from his health struggles and found a deep love for the craft. While relatively new to the art world, he came to the scene only months ago, Peters’ art is highly-acclaimed and has even been featured in Southampton Arts Center.

A Serious Foray Into Art

Patrick Peters spoke with on what led him to start painting and the collection that’ll be available during the show at the antique and events venue, The Halles of Round Top.

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year of trial and tribulation for a lot of people. COVID-19 came and in its wake has left a lot of damage. For Peters, who contracted Coronavirus in April 2020 and has been fighting it off and recovering ever since, this is especially true.

A busy New Yorker with an even busier career as a successful entrepreneur and head of Jump 450 Media, Peters had to leave all that behind when he got his diagnosis. After battling an intense bout of COVID where he was almost to the point of needing a ventilator, Peters thought the worst was over. However, in a terrible twist of fate, Peters ended up being a post-covid long hauler. Still having to fight off terrible headaches and brain swelling, Peters turned to painting as a way to get his mind off of the pain.

What began as a way to escape quickly turned into a passion and Peters amassed an impressive collection of paintings while recovering and quarantining in the Hamptons.

Away from his family and friends for so long, Peters gradually started having some friends come by and visit him. They all remarked on his canvas paintings saying that this was clearly something special.

Now in 2021, Peters has amassed several collections of work and has very quickly cemented himself as one to keep an eye out for in the art world.

Holding it Together Takes On New Meaning

Peters is bringing his “Hold it Together” collection to Round Top. Directly inspired by the collective trials of the past year, the collection juxtaposes the more solemn inspiration with bright colors and some more silly interpretations mixed in.

“‘Hold it Together’ is a series about not thriving. It’s literally just getting up and getting through the day. That’s what it’s about and I think there’s a lot of beauty in that,” Peters explains.

With a mixture of more haunting renderings like Crazy Winston, there are also more playful paintings like that of Lulu the deer. Centered on this historic period in time while also harkening back to other watershed moments, such as WWII, ‘Hold it Together’ turned specific moments into timeless pieces of art.

“The whole idea is about holding it together in really rough times. It’s not about thriving and I think that people need to be praised just for getting out of bed today. Just for going to work if they are, or opening up their computer. I think that is what ‘Hold it Together is,'” Peters says.

Hold it Together will be on sale at Marburger Farm at Round Top from March 30 through April 3.