It’s time to plan your trip to the Roundtopolis with the latest Round Top Antiques Show Map.

Designed to provide an overview of the show, which stretches from Burton to Carmine to Round Top to Warrenton to Fayetteville, this map shows venues (that we knew about at time of printing) and their dates, times and amenities, if we could find them.

In addition, we have created maps of year-round businesses in Round Top and Carmine, recognizing that there are antiques — and more — available year-round.

For descriptions of various venues/shows/barns/fields/halls, we have them here. We chronicled our best tips for “doing” the show. And for the most complete (that we know about) schedule of what’s open when by day — and all of the extra events that go along with the antiques show, [download id=”5120″]. It’s updated regularly, so check back often. If you’d prefer a daily schedule emailed to you the evening before, send a message to [email protected]