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Round Top Antiques Shows Milestones

Celebrating Round Top Antiques Shows Milestones

This year several major antique shows celebrate milestones: Marburger Farm Antique Show is commemorating its 20th anniversary this spring with a series of special events. Arbor International Antiques & Interior Design Show will observe 20 years this fall. Down the road in Warrenton, Zapp Hall promoters say it’s the 30th anniversary of that hall and field. And this fall marks the 50th occurrence of the “one that started it all,” the Original Round Top Antiques Fair.

Editor’s note: All venues highlighted are Round Top Register advertisers, and if we have advertisers setting up at a venue, we note that as well. 

We have included overviews of a couple of brand-new shows as well. The landscape continues to change.

By our rough count, there are more than 60 venues from Burton to Carmine to Round Top to Warrenton to Fayetteville that throw open their doors, gates, curtains, yards, cow pastures and halls to welcome a crowd estimated at 100,000—just about the same number who visit Austin’s famed SXSW Music Festival. These 60 venues welcome an estimated 2,500 antique, junk, vintage and collectible dealers with some vendors who sell new products as well. You can buy teacups, T-shirts, T-squares and probably even a T-bird if you look long enough.

If you need a map or schedule, find it here.

Round Top Antiques Shows

Antiques & Interiors
2110 South State Highway 237

Carmine, Texas 78932
Owner: John Aspley
Established: 2015
Number of vendors: 1

Antiques & Interiors

John Aspley, CEO of Antiques & Interiors based in High Point, North Carolina, is a 40-year-veteran of the antiques and home décor business. He first came to Round Top in 2012 and purchased property in 2015.

“Round Top is the biggest antiques party in Texas,” Aspley said. “You never know who or what you’re going to see.”

His field offers a mix of antiques, reproductions, upholstery and industrial/architectural items. One of Aspley’s signature items is large-scale teak sculpture, often animals.

“Teak is an almost impenetrable wood, so it’s impervious to weather and insects,” Aspley, who designs many of the sculptures, said. “A lot of people build sculpture from inferior woods that simply fall apart over time, but our sculptures will lend character to the landscape almost forever.”

Antiques & Interiors will open on March 17 and close on April 1. The field is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. accommodating shoppers. Parking is free. Aspley’s field, situated across 237 from between the Blue Hills Show, is near two other fields, with a third in development.

Antiques on the Square
110 West Main

Fayetteville, Texas 78940
FB: “Antiques on the Square – Fayetteville, TX”
Organizer: Lisa Stansbury
2005 (Stansbury took over in 2011)

Number of vendors: ~10

Antiques on the Square

Lisa Stansbury, organizer of Antiques on the Square in Fayetteville, said the show is small by design.

“We love the atmosphere of a small antiques show,” Stansbury, who has run the show for six years, said. “We all enjoy the slower pace and personal interaction that comes from being off the beaten path.”

In addition, the historic square in Fayetteville is an ideal setting for authentic American antiques.

“Our dealers come from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas and Louisiana bringing with them a lot of good heartland American primitives,” she said. The offerings range from furniture, industrial, art, farm fresh, advertising, tools, quilts and smalls.

The spring show opens on March 18 and closes with an antiques auction on that begins at 6 p.m. on March 27. The majority of the auction items, which are strictly limited to antiques, comes from Teel Auction Services and Antique Rovers, Round Top Register advertisers. On March 28, there is a “Packing Up Sale” that starts early in the morning and ends when the last dealer pulls out of town.

Every night the dealers and guests enjoy a happy hour with wine and snacks that begins at 5:30 p.m. Many customers come to enjoy the iconic restaurants in Fayetteville including Orsak’s Café and Joe’s Place and then spend the evening shopping.

“In Fayetteville you can hear the birds singing in the trees,” Stansbury said. “Shopping with us is like a little vacation in the country with friends.”

Arbor International Antique & Interior Design Show
1503 North State Highway 237

Round Top, Texas  78954
Owners: Curtis Ann and Dave Davis

Number of Vendors: ~90

Arbor International Antique & Design Show

The Arbor International Antique & Interior Design Show, or “the Arbors” as it is known, is the brainchild of Curtis Ann Davis, who started the show 19 years ago. It is located on the 12-acre site that is home to ancient oak trees and American Legion Post #338. For the spring show the Arbors will be open from March 22 to April 1.

Within the white tents shoppers find fine American and European antiques, primitives, art, collectibles, fine linens, jewelry and more from dealers representing 13 countries. Before Davis was a show owner, she was a dealer, so she brings first-hand experience to her job.

“When I started out as a vendor, I had little or no say over certain aspects of the experience,” Davis said. “I wanted to bring more to both my dealers and my shoppers. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated.”

The venue features an on-site café and permanent restrooms. Pandora de Balthazar and Lisa Moore Art have a presence at the Arbors.

To keep track of special events, see or check FB “Round Top – Arbor International Antique & Interior Design Show.” 

Bader Ranch at Round Top
470 South Washington Street
Round Top, Texas 78954
Owner:  Katy Bader
Established: 2017
Number of vendors: varies

Bader Ranch at Round Top

New to the cadre of antiques venues is Bader Ranch at Round Top, a 40-acre spread inside the Round Top city limits offering 7,500 square feet of fine, authentic European antiques.

Bader began coming to Round Top searching for “finds” for her home. Like so many others, Bader got “hooked” on the show and met many dealers with whom she kept in touch. When property became available that she thought had all the makings for a stellar new show, she teamed up with Sabine Geldhof from Belgium—and jumped on the chance to own and manage her own venue.

Bader Ranch is anchored by Sabine at Geldhof Interiors, who has more than 20 years of experience collecting the finest antiques and bringing timeless, one-of-a-kind elegance direct from Europe at wholesale prices.

The venue, which will be open from March 17 through April 2, will feature a gourmet coffee bar, food vendors and air-conditioned bathrooms. Shopping begins at 8 a.m. and continues until evening.

“Our goal is to become ’the place’ to go for fine, authentic European antiques,” Bader said. “To that end, shoppers will only find originals on our grounds.”

Bar W Antiques & Collectibles
4001 South State Highway 237
Warrenton, Texas 78961
FB: “Bar W Field-Warrenton/Antique Show/Fair”
Roy Wied
Established: 1995 (Wied began managing the show in 1997)
Number of vendors: 150+

Bar W Antiques & Collectibles

Roy Wied runs the Bar W Antiques & Collectibles Field on property that has been in his family for more than 100 years.

“People said, when we first started, that we were too far out,” Wied said. “Now we’re in the middle of everything.”

With its distinctive iron entries, the Bar W field is accessible from Highway 237 and FM 954. It’s an ideal place to park and begin treasure hunting. Dealers occupy about 25 acres, and free parking is available on 40 acres.

The Bar W show (and its neighbors Northgate and Tin Star, which are owned by the Wied family, but managed by others) will open on March 17 and run through April 2. It is easy to walk from one to the other.

Many of the Bar W dealers stay on site and offer early and late shopping. Some dealers open for business when they begin setting up; others prefer to wait until March 17 to receive customers.

Dealers at Bar W offer a little of everything. Wied said the primitives seem to be very popular—and he’s never really surprised at what his dealers offer.

“The dealers come from all over the country—and not a single one is the same,” Wied said. “Between them, I suspect you can find anything you ever wanted.”

The Bar W Grill offers steak on most Saturdays.

Carmine Dance Hall Antiques Show
300 North Hauptstrasse Street
Carmine, Texas 78932
FB: “carminedancehallantiquesshow”
Cherrie Wines
Established: 2017 (Previous site of a portion of the Original Round Top Antiques Fair)
Number of vendors: TBD

Carmine Dance Hall Antiques Show

There has long been an antiques show at the Cedar Creek Schuetzen Verein, also known as the Carmine Dance Hall, in Carmine during the twice-a-year antiques season.  This spring, for the first time, local Hall members are managing the show.

The Carmine Dance Hall Antiques Show is set for March 24 through March 29. Daily hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except for Wednesday when the doors close at 4 p.m.

The Hall, located on land donated by Dr. Benjamin Thigpen, was erected in 1912. In September 1916, the Hall was organized and later earned its non-profit designation.

In addition to antiques and vintage items, shoppers are welcomed with breakfast, barbecue and homemade desserts. Admission and parking are free, and the Hall is air conditioned.
Put the Hall on your list as you shop other great Carmine antiques spots.

Junk Gypsy World Headquarters
1215 South State Highway 237
Round Top, Texas 78954
Owners: Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes
Established: 2013 (store)

Junk Gypsy World Headquarters

Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes-Smith are veteran junkers, television stars, boot designers, New York Times best-selling authors, bloggers, moms, entrepreneurs and the girls next door, if you happen to live in Round Top, Texas.

They first visited Round Top years ago, eventually making it their permanent home. Today they set up shop at Zapp Hall, which is celebrating 20 years as an antiques/junk venue, during the twice annual antiques show. They also open the doors of the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters store in Round Top with special show hours beginning March 22 – April 2. (It’s open Wednesday through Saturday when the show isn’t in town.)

Two years ago the JG team began hosting live music during The Front Porch Series. Watch Facebook and the Register’s schedule for more details.

The store offers home decor items, linens, clothing, including their fabulous boots crafted by Lane, Junk Gypsy paint—pretty much everything. At Zapp Hall their tent is near Highway 237 in Warrenton and is a junker’s paradise. You’ll find the duo shopping the fields, too. This year they’ll also be busy putting the finishing touches on the Wander Inn, their labor-of-love, one-of-a-kind getaway destination.

Most importantly, they host the Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom on March 30 this year. This prom has become the must-do event with the most interesting prom outfits on earth, music and refreshments and the best people-watching around. Oh, and late night shopping.

“Texas antiques week is unlike anything else because, first of all, it’s huge, the mother lode of all things junky,” the sisters said. “And it’s old school: no rules, no bylaws, no unified governing body. Just a bunch of folks who love junk all gathering together at the crown jewel of flea markets.”

Leftover Antiques
3900 Highway 290 West

Brenham, Texas
Owners: Michael Breddin and Ed Fulkerson

Leftovers Antiques of Brenham

Leftovers Antiques is a destination for discerning shoppers who appreciate quality and comfort at all price points.

The expansive inventory, showcased in signature multi-layered displays, includes: antiques, ranging from original painted European furniture and architectural elements to shop counters and books; handcrafted artisan European bed linens; gourmet treats and kitchen wares; women’s clothing and accessories such as handmade jewelry and scarves; and indulgent self-care products such as lotions and soaps.

With the recent expansion, the retail destination encompasses 17,500 square feet and now shoppers, who don’t immediately spot their perfect antique piece, can view the extra furniture inventory in the on-site warehouse.

The store, which is open year-round, will be offer extended hours (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) from March 18 through April 1 during the antiques show. On March 25, co-owners Michael Breddin and Ed Fulkerson will host their always anticipated Jazz Night Kick-off Party featuring live music, food and libations from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Marburger Farm Antique Show
2248 State Highway 237
Round Top, Texas 78954
Owners: The Marsh family
Established: 1997 by John Sauls and Ed Gage (Purchased by the Marsh family in fall 2007)
Number of vendors: 350+

Marburger Farm Antique Show

In 2017, Marburger Farm Antique Show is celebrating 20 years of transforming a 43-acre farm dotted with historic buildings into an antiques, collectibles and decorator wonderland just outside Round Top.

“Marburger Farm is distinctive because our dealers choose and present their merchandise so it inspires people to immediately put it into their homes,” said Ashley Ferguson, who manages the show for her family. “There is an eclectic mix of classics and on-trend items with something for every price point.”

The Marburger Farm Antique Show was started by John Sauls and Ed Gage in 1997. Sauls, a Tyler antiques dealer, had exhibited at the Original Round Top Antiques Fair prior to starting this show. In 2007, he sold the property and the show to the Marsh family, who were also from Tyler. Margaret Marsh Mebus had hired him in 1991 to manage an estate sale for her.
Even after nearly a dozen years of managing the show, Ferguson said she is still surprised by the dealers’ creativity.

“Walking our field is like strolling through the pages of an exquisite design magazine,” Ferguson said.

The Marburger Farm Antique Show begins with special early shopping ($25 to get in prior to 2 p.m.) on March 28 and runs through April 1. The early admission and $10 regular tickets are good for the entire show, and parking is free.

This spring Marburger shoppers can revel in the five-day birthday party with a series of special events and check out Round Top Register advertisers Cottonwood Trading Co., Leftovers of Brenham, The Garden Co. and Pure West Pure Vintage. Distinguished Transport also has an on-site office.

To get a complete schedule, see . (Round Top Register advertisers Back Porch Barbecue and The Stone Cellar will be onsite with food, java and libations.)

McLaren’s Antiques & Interiors
1745 North State Highway 237
Round Top, Texas 78954
Owners: Sean and Helen McLaren

McLaren’s Antiques & Interiors

Driving south on 237 from Highway 290, you’ll see an airplane on the hill that signals you are at McLaren’s Antiques & Interiors. Coming north from Round Top, the red English telephone booths are the landmarks.
Sean McLaren is a 30-year veteran of the antiques business in England and the United States, in particular Texas.

“As a child I developed an extensive knowledge of and a love for rare antiques through my parents’ antique business in England, so as soon as I could set up my own business, I did,” McLaren said.

Initially, he was involved in wholesaling, but eventually opened several retail locations. He then concentrated on designing and manufacturing reclaimed industrial furniture. In 2013, he opened a 20,000 square foot venue in a repurposed poultry barn just outside Round Top.

“McLaren’s Antiques & Interiors is full of unique finds, hand-picked by me from all around the world,” McLaren said. “It is also an idea-generating place to shop as I create vignettes to present room settings to give ideas of how best to mix antique and industrial furniture and accessories.

The vast inventory includes handcrafted reclaimed pine tables from six feet to 16 feet along with kitchen islands and “everything you could need for your home.”  One of McLaren’s specialties is architectural columns and doors found in the finest chateaux and palaces in France and India.

“And the best part is, as I buy all items direct from source, we have the best prices around,” McLaren said.

Original Round Top Antiques Fair
475 State Highway 237
Carmine, Texas 78932
Owner: Susan Franks
Established: Show established 1968 (acquired by Franks in 2005)
Number of vendors: 250+

Original Round Top Antiques Fair

Susan Franks first came to the Round Top Antiques Fair with girlfriends in 1980. From the first trip she was hooked. Eventually, she began staging and promoting shows dealing with Western items, advertising and antiques—and shopping Round Top twice a year. She periodically asked the show’s pioneering founder, Emma Lee Turney, if she could buy her show.

“She always said ‘Lovey, now why would I sell this show?’” Franks said.

In 2004, Miss Turney finally said yes. Thus, in 2005, Franks, a Washington County native, acquired the Original Round Top Antiques Fair.

“This is the show that started it all,” Franks, who has already begun planning the show’s upcoming golden anniversary, said. “One of Miss Emma’s original dealers, Nancy Krause, is still part of our line-up of extraordinary dealers.”

The Original Round Top Antiques Fair specializes in fine American and Continental antiques housed in the Big Red Barn (30,000 square feet), the Continental Tent (20,000 square feet) and the Big Red Barn Annex (10,000 square feet).

Franks advises shoppers to tap into the dealers’ knowledge.

“That’s how I learned about antiques,” she said. “Our dealers want to educate—and the stories behind their pieces is often the best part. As a buyer, it’s fun to say ‘I got that at Round Top, and this is its story.’”

The Spring 2017 show begins March 27 and runs through April 1. Early shopping VIP tickets are available from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on opening day for $20; VIP tickets or $10 general admission tickets are good for all show dates. Parking is free. Porters and transport services are available.

River Oaks Farms at Round Top
2156 South State Highway 237

Carmine, Texas 78940
Organizer: Dabney Pierce

Number of Vendors: varies

River Oaks Farms at Round Top

One of the newest venues featuring antiques, estate jewelry, vintage home and garden décor, and decorative items is found on Highway 237, north of Round Top, near the corner of Hills Road.

Dabney Pierce is developing the property to include shopping options during the biannual antiques shows, as well as offering lodging in three cottages recently added to the property. Future plans include a year-round retail presence featuring the Round Top Honey Co. and antique consignments.

“I’ve shopped Round Top and showed at the big antiques shows on the East Coast for years,” Pierce said. “I am excited about adding another opportunity for shoppers.”

Look for Brooks & Miller Estate Jewelry and the Round Top Honey Company in the little yellow shop, while the open barn will feature a variety of antiques and garden décor.

River Oaks Farms has ample parking, and is contiguous to other shopping venues.

River Oaks Farms spring show opens on March 22 and closes on April 2. Hours generally are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Round Top Vintage Market
1235 North Highway 237
Round Top, Texas 78954
Owners: Barbara Griffin and Pat Boyd
Established: 2013
Number of vendors: 50+ vendors

Round Top Vintage Market

Barbara Griffin and Pat Boyd are continuing Emma Lee Turney’s legacy of offering antique and vintage items as well as art at their Round Top Vintage Market.

The market, which is open on weekends year-round, extends its hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the antiques show beginning March 23 through April 2. On March 29, the duo will host “Happy Hour Shopping” from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In 1993, Emma Lee Turney, who founded the Original Round Top Antiques Fair in 1968, expanded the antiques venue and added a new show focusing on folk art. Griffin and Boyd took over the Folk Art Fair location in 2013 and expanded to a year-round antiques venue.

“We have a wide variety of antiques and collectibles along with original art among our dealers,” Griffin said. “In addition to our air-conditioned building, some of our dealers set up outside in tents.”

The Round Top Vintage Market has free parking, restrooms and a food court with Stump’s Wood-Fired Pizza offering quick and quality pizzas, sandwiches and salads during the show. Breakfast is available as well. A massage therapist is on site most days.

The Compound
2550 State Highway 237
Round Top, Texas 78549
Developer/Owner: Mark Massey
Antiques Show Production Manager: Kathy Johnston
Established: 2015
Buildings: 4 encompassing more than 30,000 square feet

The Compound at Round Top

The Compound is a 57-acre planned event and entertainment venue that is perfect for hosting everything from country weddings, art festivals or small-scale trade shows to the twice yearly antiques show.

“Each building is connected by paths, gardens and fountains within beautifully landscaped grounds, and we strive to have the highest quality mix of pure antiques, vintage and repurposed items,” said Kathy Johnston, production director.

On March 18, about 25,000 square feet of exhibit space opens with an ‘Early Show’ including Round Top Register advertiser Old World Antieks and numerous others. The Peck Barn, offering another 7,000 square feet of vendor space, opens on March 24 with mimosas and kolaches. All venues close April 1.

On March 24, The Compound will unveil Designer Dream Spree’s “Country Cottage Idea House” by Houston-based interior designer Julie Dodson/Dodson Interiors. Dodson will design the cottage inside and out using antiques and other show-resourced finds. Tickets to tour are $10 with proceeds benefiting the Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter in La Grange.

The Idea House joins another cottage moved to the site for this show. The Idea House, when finished, will be available for sale to be moved off-premises. Frank Johnston with Heritage Texas Country Properties has the listing. 979.249-7135

State Fare Kitchen & Bar, helmed by owners Lee Ellis and Jim Wells, will host the State Fare Pop Up Dinner on March 28. A cocktail hour with signature cocktails featuring Bone Spirits liquor and appetizers will precede the fun, communal fine-dining experience in The Grove at The Compound.  Limited seating by ticketed reservation. $85.

The venue opens daily at 9:30 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. Food from various vendors is available, among them Round Top Register advertisers Back Porch Barbecue and Vin 114 who will operate a fine wine bar called “Top Shelf” on site within a new patio area under spreading oaks. Parking is free.

The Old Depot Vintage Market
550 North State Highway 237
Round Top, Texas 78954
“The Stone Cellar Round Top”

Owner: Jon Perez

Number of vendors: 50

The Old Depot Vintage Market

This restored railroad depot from which The Old Depot Vintage Market gets its name was built in 1861 and moved to its current home in 1990. It has served as an antiques venue since its arrival.

“The Old Depot is known as the show where dealers and savvy buyers shop,” owner Jon Perez said.

The sprawling venue features over 50 vendors as well as The Stone Cellar Pub and Pizzeria (open for lunch and dinner), The Pavilion Cafe (open for breakfast and lunch), 42 full service RV spots and hot showers.

This year, vendors open for business on March 17 through April 1. Hours of operations this spring are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Stone Cellar features gourmet pizzas, a large selection of wine and crafted beers and music in the evenings on the patio throughout the show.

Perez also operates The Show at Round Top, located directly across Highway 237 across from the Round Top Mercantile. Both venues feature fine antiques, the largest selection of antique glassware, cowhides and many other vintage and re-purposed items.

To reserve a booth or RV spot, or get more information, please call: 281-851-6779 or 979-249-3390


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