Alisanne Wonderland brings Paris beauty and charm right to Round Top, within the Peck Barn at The Compound. Curated by Alisanne Frew, a veteran Round Top dealer, she and her team set up during the fall and spring antiques shows — offering visually enchanting displays featuring immaculately lit chandeliers and beautiful French limestone flooring.Alisanne Wonderland in Round Top garden pottery photo

This sponsored article features the story of Alisanne Wonderland.

From Across the Sea in France

Frew, an American, was captivated by the beauty of Paris while studying at the American University in Paris, beginning at age 17. Calling Paris home, Frew also lives and shops in the small village of L’Isle sur la Sorgue in Provence, home of the third-largest antique market in Europe next to London and Paris. Splitting time between Paris and L’ Isle sur la Sorgue allows her to source the best of the best in French antiques.

Alisanne Wonderland in Round Top

One day, a Houston shopper ventured into her 13th century building in Provence. Part of their conversation centered around Round Top.

“I was quite puzzled how so many people could set up tents and sell on the highway with cows and big open fields,” Frew remembers. “I also wondered why in the world she thought I would go to Texas to sell antiques. But I said yes. I absolutely love Texas.”Alisanne Wonderland in Round Top with chairs and chandeliers

“I had so much fun. I even brought other dealers from France to sell at the Compound,” says Frew.

Exquisite French Limestone

“My first venture into supplying French limestone was for private clients who own most of the hotels in Las Vegas,” Frew says. “This is where and when I started shopping on a personal level for homeowners. Not only did they want flooring but they also wanted fireplaces and fountains and furniture and paintings and iron railings…. the works.”

Alisanne Wonderland in Round Top with limestone wallKnown for exquisite, high-density French limestone straight from quarry in France, shoppers ranging from homeowners and architects to builders and designers shop Alisanne Wonderland’s beautiful displays at wholesale prices. Seeing the beauty of the limestone in person, shoppers can visualize first-hand how the limestone would appear on the floors within their homes and spaces. The limestone is also perfect for pool coping, fireplaces, fountains, barbecue pits and wallcoverings. Limestone fountains and fireplace displays will be new on-site this fall and can be custom-made to customer specifications. Bringing Provence straight to the home, clients can look through user-friendly photos to help pick the perfect style.

Fall Show Highlights

At the fall show, shoppers can expect to find large, beautiful chandeliers, 17th and 18th century Biot jars, best-selling Anduze jars in 11 sizes, upholstered arm chairs in leather and silk, and gilt wood artifacts including a card table made for the court of Louis XVI. Guests will be welcomed by a 13-foot 18th century balustrade made of stone centered within the Alisanne Wonderland display. One hundred feet of the balustrade will be available for sale, along with huge capitals in stone and wood benches perfect for a Texas porch.Alisanne Wonderland in Round Top featuring antiques

Alisanne Wonderland plans several special shopping events. Sign up on her website or for the Daily Show Schedule.

The Compound’s Fall show will begin with an “Early Show” on September 16 and last through September 30.