The Venues and Vendors You Need to Explore

While it’s scaled back from the sprawling and raucous fall and spring shows, the more manageable Winter Round Top Antiques Show still offers more than you could possibly imagine. The Winter Show runs from January 21 to 24, and it makes for a true retreat in these COVID-19 times.

The crowds are not nearly as large and there are still plenty of treasures to find. The Winter Round Top Antiques Show offers a much more personal experience in many ways. It is also a great way to get into the Round Top antiques scene without being overwhelmed.

Many dealers will be bringing their wares from far and wide, showcasing design inspiration, collections and rarities of all sorts, architectural accents, and furnishings spanning from mid-century to last century and beyond. Boot up, lace up and mask up, it’s time to get ready for the Winter Round Top Antiques Show.

Here is a list of venues and vendors you’ll find at the Winter Round Top Antiques Show. Consider this your guide to the show.

(Show-Only Venues are designated by *)

(Year-Round Venues are designed by **)

Original Round Top Antiques Fair – Big Red Barn*

Celebrating more than 50 years in Round Top, the Big Red Barn put Round Top on the map. The Big Red Barn contains everything from early and English antiques to country and fine glass. Over the years it has expanded to include “The Annex” and “The Continental Tent” ― filled with fine antiques and furnishings with European provenance, along with silver and paintings.

The Big Red Barn will be filled with imaginative finds.

Bayberry’s Antiques*

Bootlegger’s Antiques**

McCall Style**

Carmine Antiques**

The Old Grainery**

If you’re are looking for architectural salvage and interesting collections, The Old Grainery steps up with a myriad of unusual items. From Mason and Ball canning jars, to Amish-crafted doors, and from rusty wagon wheels to vintage signage, you never know what Chuck McNett will bring from his inventory in Payson, Illinois. Recently, the stock has expanded to include antique imports form Europe as well.

the Old Grainery1
Selection of stained glass windows from The Old Grainery.

Oak Hill Trading**

Unique Antiques**

Carmine Trading Post**

Y Station*

County Line Antique Show, Bill Moore European**

Grace’s Treasure Hunt**


Blue Hills*

Blue Hills at Round Top is a favorite stop for interior designers and serious shoppers during the bi-annual Texas Antique Week. With its rustic vibe and picturesque pole barns, Blue Hills is a must see destination for lovers of all things antique.

Blue Hills at Round Top – French by Design Antiques wares.
Blue Hills at Round Top – French by Design Antiques wares.

Barn Antiques**

Chelsea’s Meadow*

The Venue*

Round Top Vintage Market**

Round Top Village** – Courtney Barton, Richard Schmidt Jewelry, Cottonseed Trading

Old Depot Vintage Market*

Market Hill**

Boasting a brand new facility with plenty of free parking, large air-conditioned restrooms, free Wi-Fi and easy loading areas, there’s a lot to see under Market Hill’s massive roof. This includes an on-site restaurant, which offers good food, wine, beer and refreshments.

Market Hill Round Top displays.
Market Hill Round Top displays.

Rummel Square**

Bader Ranch at Round Top*

Junk Gypsy World Headquarters**

Maison Sud*

The Compound *

Thus 57-acre special event center is located two miles south of Round Top’s historic square. All four of its big barns will be brimming with antiques during the Winter Show. The spacious layout includes fountains and a central gazebo.

The Compound gets set for the Winter Show.
The Compound gets set for the Winter Show.

Round Top Ranch**

Cole’s Antique Show*

The Bull Market**

Excess Field I and II*

The Stone Meadow*

Henkel Square Market**

One of Round Top’s most iconic historic squares has been reborn as a shopping, dining and gallery space. The collection of historic German immigrant homes now houses some really some cool stuff.

Henkel Square Market
Henkel Square Market is a wonderland.

The Chicken Ranch*

The Lone Star Gallery*

Campbell Building*

Recycling The Past**

Specializing in architectural salvage, Recycling the Past has opened an event/concert venue as well ― Round Top Ballroom. After a long day of antiquing, you can even stay on-site. They have accommodations for up to 40 people inside six Flophouze Shipping Containers, the Beachhouze, and the Farmhouze.

This is a truly one of a kind stop.