The Feel Good Group is set to reopen on Thursday morning after a tornado wiped out its Artisan Market setup for about 30 vendors outside the Bader Ranch venue in Round Top early this morning. The Bader Ranch barn building is undamaged.

Storm warnings indicated that 11 mph winds were expected, but guests staying nearby on Bader Ranch’s property heard the distinctive train whistle sound indicating a tornado, and witnessed a funnel cloud touch down and head south.   

When vendors arrived at the property this morning, they found complete destruction. They are still reeling from the shock.

An Artisan Market vendor holds up a miraculously spared glass cloche amid the destruction near Bader Ranch.

“The pavilion tents provided by Aztec are completely mangled,” Feel Good Group’s co-founder Casey Barbles tells “Aztec is coming out today to set up two larger tents for us so that all the vendors will be covered. Mother Nature tried to ruin our show, but we’re gonna keep the party going.”

Aztec to the rescue: Feel Good Group co-founder Casey Barbles puts on a brave face while new tents go up near Bader Ranch.

In the meantime, vendors are cleaning up and drying out. Artisan Market vendor Tina Zulu with Kimono Zulu is seeking temporary refuge at the Modular Goods space at Zapp Hall. She will begin selling from that spot around 4 pm this afternoon (Wednesday, October 27). 

“We are picking up the pieces and the show will go on!” Zulu says. She notes that her spirits were lifted by a customer who purchased a kimono from the wreckage this morning. “The weather is beautiful now and will be for the rest of the show through Saturday, so we hope our friends in Houston and the surrounding areas will come out and support us,” Zulu says. “The show will go on. We are #HoustonStrong.”

Tina Zulu of Kimono Zulu packed up her wares and temporarily set up shop with pals Modern Goods at Zapp Hall. She returns to the Artisan Market at Bader Ranch on Thursday morning.