When art meets function, as it does at reworks Home, the results are unpredictably beautiful.

“Our work defies the trends,” said Chotsie Gregson, who co-owns the Austin-based company with her partner Willem Sypesteyn. “As a company, we have chosen to create functional art people live with.”

She continued, “We treat each piece as if it’s an art project; being functional doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.”

Because the partners and their team of artisans will continue creating new pieces for the Spring Round Top Antiques Show until the day they load the trailer, Gregson can’t predict exactly what shoppers will encounter in the reworks Home space. reworks Home, particularly well known for its lighting and occasional furniture, will be set up in The Stables at The Compound from March 23 through April 6.

“I don’t know exactly what pieces we’ll bring because beautiful architectural remnants and other finds continue to reveal and express themselves in the studio,” said Gregson, who like her partner is a classically trained artist.  “Part of the fun for us—and our clients—is the sense of discovery that comes with the design process.”

With that said, Gregson is confident the Round Top inventory will include: the last two of reworks’ collection of

French Opera Stage Set Canvases as consoles with Venetian plaster tops; antique column floor lamps; antique pediment on brass consoles with walnut tops; original blue and gold painted architectural fragment wall sconces; antique white porcelain caster end tables with white tile tops, as well as many reworks Classics.

“Our current work is our freshest iteration and interpretation of classic design,” Gregson said.

Through the winter and early spring, the team has been going through its collection of antique architectural remnants and using these to produce a large number of one-of-a-kind pieces. They’re incorporating brass for warm metallic pops alongside cool steel and elegant crystal for additional shimmer. Wood and Venetian plaster are finding their way on to more of the studio’s tabletops, juxtaposing organic textures against metal framework and making the new pieces much lighter than their stone-topped counterparts.

Elevating antique elements to contemporary style is a studio trademark. The artisans rely on elements of classic design as they meld metal, glass, stone, wood and fabric into eye-catching pieces that enhance a room without overwhelming it.

“We’re inspired by organic forms and textures that bring life into a room by adding a hint of motion,” Gregson said. “Everything in your home environment is part of your life—and you should enjoy looking at it every day.”

In addition to one-of-a-kind pieces, reworks Home also offers “reproducibles,” hand-crafted lighting and furnishing built from materials that can be readily sourced and produced in larger quantities. These lines have become favorites with designers, showrooms and private individuals who are striving for a stylish cohesiveness and meticulous attention to detail that is anything but “cookie cutter.”

The team also takes custom orders for single pieces or entire projects. Recently, the team designed most of the lighting for a client’s new home in Maine.

“Whether it’s transforming clients’ ideas into statement-making custom pieces or helping clients find their own signature style for their homes, we revel in collaboration,” Gregson said. “Collaboration provides the inspiration for functional art pieces that people can love—and live with—for a lifetime.”

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