Beginning with the Fall 2018 Round Top Antiques Show, shoppers can find Alisanne Wonderland’s exquisite, one-of-a-kind French antique treasures at both The Compound and at Alisanne Wonderland’s French Stoneyard, located in The Boneyard At Round Top, next to The Arbors.

courtesy of Alisanne Wonderland

“Having two exceptional locations allows me to ship more French finds to Round Top and gives my clients a wider selection of fabulous things,” said Alisanne Frew, owner of Paris-based Alisanne Wonderland. “I’m thrilled to adopt The Compound and The Boneyard At Round Top as Alisanne Wonderland’s homes away from home.”

At The Compound, Alisanne showcases 17th, 18th and 19th century French furniture and home and garden décor such as antique Biot pots (created in the 15th—18th centuries) and Anduze pots both antique and modern (available in 10 sizes by order). Alisanne Wonderland’s French Stoneyard is the new display area for massive garden pieces, antique wood flooring, and monumental stone artifacts.

“Because of my additional display space at The Compound and The Boneyard, I’m able to  accommodate an additional shipping container filled with fine furnishings—and I had to stop shopping for The French Stoneyard when I reached 80,000 pounds of architectural elements.”

Three containers destined for Round Top will arrive in early September.

courtesy of Alisanne Wonderland

Frew, an American who has lived in Paris since she was 17, is known for her refined eye and extensive network of European professionals who work alongside her as she discovers, restores and transports handcrafted goods from France’s golden age of decorative arts.

“I delight in finding ‘showstoppers,’ and sharing them with discerning buyers,” Frew said.

The list of showstoppers en route to the Fall Show at The Compound include: a seven-and-a-half-foot tall iron vase on an iron stand and a five-piece set of Empire furniture that includes a couch, two chairs and two armchairs re-upholstered in a Venetian fabric house’s handcrafted, exact reproduction of the original fabric, and a large selection of chandeliers.

courtesy of Alisanne Wonderland

At Alisanne Wonderland’s French Stoneyard (located next to The Arbors Round Top), offerings include: acollection of old French lamp posts that are still operable; 250-year-old French terra cotta pavers; custom-quarried French limestone, 18th century wood flooring reclaimed from French maisons; and a rustic wooden bell tower standing at least eight feet tall and housing an 850-lb. bronze bell that includes the maker’s mark as well as carvings of angels and the name of the premier winery where it once hung.

“The bell’s sound is nothing short of glorious,” Frew said. “I selected it—and the other pieces for Round Top—because they all have the ability to turn a property into a beloved, statement-making home.” is proud to partner with Alisanne Wonderland on this sponsored post.