There’s something sentimental about decorating with vintage posters and with home theaters more popular than ever, those posters are a hot trend. Framed posters ― whether from classic movies, vintage circuses, travel banners, advertising or even war propaganda pieces — add a nostalgic touch to any space. And often a pop of bold color when they are framed and used as art.

Collectors know that their value grows with each passing year. As with any collectible, rarity and condition are everything.

Which brings us to Harry and Betsy Proctor, owners of Limited Edition Art and Antiques and Round Top antiques show regulars. Betsy opened her antique store in historic downtown Katy back in 1994, and when Harry was nearing retirement from his oil and gas career as an expedition geologist, he joined the business in 2003.

“I caught the poster collecting bug and learned the linen backing process,” Harry Proctor tells “We started by adding a poster gallery at the back, but when our website launched it really took off.

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that no where else can you find a place the sells, restores and frames all in one store. We are the only ones in Texas for sure, and it would be rare to find elsewhere in the country.”

The poster gallery takes time to explore with more than 5000 original vintage posters available to peruse, along with original folk art by Betsy Proctor, as well as an eclectic variety of antiques and ephemera.

“Ephemera has always had a place in our store,” Harry says. “Along with engravings and old maps, you’ll find vintage marquee signs, drive-in speakers, projectors and movie reels.”

There are even old theatre seats where people sit and explore catalogues of posters ― sometimes getting lost for hours at a time.

“We began showing at Cole’s in Warrenton about 14 years ago until Hurricane Harvey flooded our shop, and we had to miss the show that year,” Harry says.

Round Top visitors will now find them set up at The Original Big Red Barn during shows.

Saving Movie Posters

Limited Edition Art and Antiques also specializes in restoration and framing. Many clients seek them out internationally ― from the United Kingdom, Australia, even Norway.

“In the beginning we bought posters at art auctions. Now the business is mostly online,” Harry Proctor notes.

“We often buy collections, or from estates. Sometimes people find a stash of old posters in an attic. Or even when old movie theatres close, we’ll find them stacked in an annex next to the projector room”

— Harry Proctor

Whether you are looking to add to your poster collection, find just the right statement piece for a space, or maintain specific items, the Proctors are true experts. They can prolong the life of a purchase by professionally linen backing it on canvas. Limited Edition is currently only doing backings and restorations for past clients and new purchases. This niche service is in such high demand that the Proctors needed to concentrate on a few areas.

Inside the gallery at Limited Edition Art and Antiques

Linen backing is the preferred method for poster collectors for the best poster preservation.

“It’s good for the stability of the poster and prepares it properly for framing,” Harry Proctor details. “While foam core mounting is more common, it’s very much a no-no. And the value of a any poster on foam core goes down, since it is meant to be a permanent process. Whereas linen backing is reversible.”

The Proctors also do fine art restorations in addition to poster restorations. That’s really where Betsy Proctor’s artistic eye comes in to play.

“That’s the last step in the process, once a poster has been repaired and linen backed, she restores faded coloration and painting. It’s the artwork side of it, the final polishing of the piece,” Harry says.

“The attraction is a lot about the color of these posters. People love to decorate with them. And, everybody loves to recall a time in life, or a favorite actor or movie,” he says.

Find Limited Edition Art and Antiques year round at 5717 Second Street in Katy, or online. And be sure to visit the Proctors during Round Top shows inside the Big Red Barn.