Here in the south, there’s a little something called Southern hospitality. And it’s more than just offering someone a glass of iced tea or a seat in your front porch swing (although both of those are nice too…throw in a piece of meringue pie and it couldn’t get much better.)

Photo courtesy of Junk Gypsies

It’s a way of making folks feel at home. . .which has always been our biggest goal here at the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters. It’s the biggest compliment to us when people tell us they love coming here because they just feel like it’s “home.” And thankfully, we hear that quite a bit.

It’s more than a store. It’s more than a town. Our yard is more than a front yard and our porch is more than a front porch. It’s all part of the Round Top and the JG experience.

It’s about slowing down. It’s about seeing the longhorns in the pasture adjacent to our parking lot. It’s about sitting under the tin roof on our front porch in the wooden rocking chairs and making friends with the old-timer waiting on his wife that’s sitting next to ya. Hearing his stories, all the while remembering where you came from and why you love this moment so much.

Photo courtesy of Junk Gypsies

It’s about walking through our front doors and knowing this place ain’t no museum, this place is meant to be experienced. The music (meticulously curated by yours truly,) the smells (all of our favorite incense,) the energy of the people coming and going, the junk (oh, the glorious junk!) all combine to create a harmonious symphony that we hope feeds your soul. This is our gift of southern hospitality to you.

Somewhere along the way, you forgot to slow down. You forgot to notice things like wildflowers and wild spirits. You forgot that the best feeling is the feeling free of calendars and conference calls and soccer games and board meetings. We are here to help you remember. Round Top is here to help you slow down. We only have one flashing red light, and somehow that’s enough. Come on, y’all. Come to Round Top. Come to our front porch. . .it’s time. Time to slow down in Round Top.

Now about that iced tea. . . .


by Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes
a.k.a. The Junk Gypsies

photos by April Pizana Photography and Keely Marie Scott provided courtesy of the Junk Gypsies