In all seasons, Farmloft boutique is awash in whites and creams, but don’t call it shabby chic. Farmloft owner Darwa Webb serves up her unique “Bohemian finery” at two different locations. She opened the first nine years ago in Wimberley at 14015 Ranch Road 12, No. 6. Then, she added a Round Top store three years back. That one is located at 306 N. Washington, next door to the town’s historic blacksmith shop.

The clothier stocks some unique wares and hand-picked home goods, including strands of funky jewelry and an eclectic mix of vintage finds.

When asks if other Farmloft locations were in the works, Webb simply says, “Stay tuned.” We’ll take that for a firm maybe.

It’s all in the mix at Farmloft.

“Farmloft is a dream of many dreams,” Webb says.

“My sweet mother had an amazing boutique for 35 years before her passing.” Webb then opened her original Wimberley store “with loud cheers from my family and the love of my beautiful husband. The stars aligned and Farmloft was born. Farmloft is a dream  built on hope. But, mostly of God.”

Farmloft Treasures

Merchandise is laid out artfully. This place is almost a dreamscape to explore, with illuminated half-moons  and stars, or glittering disco balls, along with rusty wheeled pallets and automobile grills. Vintage wicker baskets are filled with fabulous finds, and antique wrought iron bed frames are scattered about, dressed in cozy ensembles. The clever merchandise displays and vignettes are all a part of the appeal at Farmloft.

Farmloft has a collection of vintage finds to update any space

Webb strives to carry lines that are made in the United States, or are otherwise sourced by fair trade makers. You’ll find brands like Magnolia Pearl, Flax clothing, Meg by Design, CP Shades, Dolma and Bryn Walker. Just to name a few.

“Customers seek me out for my unique style, organic fabrics and finds,” Webb says.

 With both Webb’s father and her grandfather in the farming business ― growing cotton and corn — the laid-back country lifestyle is a natural for her. In some ways, a penchant for the simplicity of raw materials like cotton, flax and linen is in her blood.

“I’m passionate about my fellow makers and dreamers,” Webb says. “I love to cheer for those who love what makes America great.”