Round Top Newsletter

Because tiny Round Top (and the surrounding area) is really too big to be contained in six magazines a year, we offer a weekly newsletter, delivered via e-mail on Mondays, called “Round & Around.” Easy, breezy—and usually weighing in at less than 400 words per issue—Round & Around is the way we share everything we know about life in the Roundtopolis™ as soon as we know it.

The content is as diverse as the people who live here and the special places that make it a place worth exploring. Sometimes it’s a list of things to do in the coming month. Other times it’s a sneak peek of a new restaurant, business or one of our magazines. Then there are the times, we gather up all the area art galleries or farmers markets or dancehalls in one place, so you have a handy dandy resources. It’s always our first source of information on the world-famous, bi-annual Round Top Antiques Show.


Here’s a little snippet from an issue highlighting New Year’s Eve:

“In this age of music streaming, you never know what’s going to land in your ear. Today, it was ‘Tiny Bubbles.’

Tiny bubbles…
In the wine …
Make me happy …
Make me feel fine….

Which obviously reminded us of champagne (btw, while there are plenty of songs by the Black Eyed Peas, there are no songs about black-eyed peas…and that’s a shame), which obviously reminded us of New Year’s Eve. Since this will be our last newsletter of the year, here are several options for “partying like it’s 1999….” (Don Ho, Black Eyed Peas and Prince references in the same newsletter… Score!)

As our reader, we consider you our friend—and we don’t spam our friends or share their email addresses. You can subscribe via the website. Or if you’ve already hit the road, you can text “Round Top” to 345345. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, so the only thing you’re risking is having some fun. Oh, and we take off the last two Mondays of the year!

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