Show Map

Overview Map of Round Top Area. Antiques shows can be found in Burton, Carmine, Round Top, Warrenton and Fayetteville.

Our Round Top Antiques Show map found in the Round Top Antiques Show Guide is aimed at helping all you hunters bag the best deal most efficiently without sacrificing one second of fun. We put together shopping and lodging tips — and a daily schedule of all events that will be available beginning in February.

The Round Top Antiques Show map found in the Round Top Antiques Show Guide includes a list of all of the show venues that we know about, their locations, their amenities, (if we could find them) dates and times, schedules, a treasure hunter’s guide and maps.

The maps included in the Round Top Antiques Show Guide are organized by community: Burton/Carmine; Round Top; and Warrenton/Fayetteville.

Venues are shown on the maps in the order in which they occur within those communities or areas. Note that several venues have Carmine addresses, but are not in downtown Carmine. The same can be said for Burton venues, especially those near the intersection of U.S. Highway 290 and State Highway 237.

When planning a trip to the show, plan to drive. The maps are not able to be drawn to scale, thus it’s important to understand that walking between venues is not always possible. It’s an estimated 22 miles from the intersection of 290 and 237 to the southernmost venue in Warrenton. Many venues — and permanent shops and restaurants– are within walking distance of downtown Round Top. In Warrenton, most fields are contiguous allowing one to park (remember your location) and cover many acres of treasure hunting.

Our advertisers, who make this map possible, feature their events and locations — mention the Round Top Antiques Show Guide when you see them.

Find copies of the  Round Top Antiques Show Guide across the Roundtopolis or order your own copy here.