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Round Top Antiques Show Dates

The Round Top Antiques Show dates are traditionally in the spring and fall annually. The first show was held the first weekend in October in 1968 at the Round Top Rifle Hall. The show is universally recognized as “Round Top;” however, venues are sited in Burton, Carmine, Fayetteville, Round Top and Warrenton. Unless a person works for the U.S. Postal Service, there is no clear demarkation defining where Round Top begins and Warrenton ends. The same for Carmine and Burton — which are in Fayette and Washington counties respectively.

Fall 2019 Round Top Antiques Show dates run from Sept. 19 through Oct. 6, though some of the 80-plus venues set dates earlier/later.    (A winter show is growing — with venues establishing dates for the fourth weekend in January.)

If you prefer a downloadable schedule, click here for Round Top-area schedule; Carmine/Burton/Fayetteville schedule; and Warrenton-area schedule.

In August we will post a daily schedule to include special popup dinners, music, book signings and other special events. Many events are planned after our publications go to print … so the daily schedule is a great resource for finding out the latest information. To receive a daily email beginning mid-September, text SCHEDULE to 345345. The email chronicles new shows opening and other special events or information gleaned from the fields, barns and show venues.

Some venues welcome early shoppers. If known, that is reflected on the schedule of dates. In addition, some venues welcome shoppers as dealers are packing up to leave. Be sure to ask first if you don’t know if there are extended operating hours.

Some venues set dates for the following show at the conclusion of the current one. Big Red Barn and Marburger Farm Antique Show publish the following year’s dates on their web sites.

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