Leading busy lives in Houston and looking to slow down, Eva Park and Bryan Broussard got out of the city to pursue a more peaceful life. Park, a former schoolteacher, and Broussard, an oil and gas executive, came across a gorgeous Carmine property for sale and the rest is a Texas country dream.

They created The Vintage Hideaway, a distinctive wine and beer pavilion where you can also stay. There are five cottages on site — and they really started the whole thing.

“The cottages came first,” Park says. “Then we thought: ‘What’s something a little extra special that we could give our guests that stay with us?’ ”

From that, The Vintage Hideaway’s food truck and beer and wine garden were born.

A Retreat For All

One of the newer places to stay in the Round Top area, the cottages opened in May of 2020 and the rustic chic bar opened a few months later in November of 2020.

The Vintage Hideaway's cottage
One of the five modern farmhouse-style cottages. (Courtesy The Vintage Hideaway)

The Vintage Hideaway is a retreat for everyone. For those looking to get out in the beautiful Texas countryside and enjoy a quiet weekend away, the cottages are far enough away from the bar to offer that serene getaway. For those wanting to party it up a bit more, the short walk from the cottages to the bar for a round of drinks is extremely convenient. No Uber needed.

“We have people that come and don’t drink at the bar — and we feel that it’s a bonus to have the bar,” Park says. “It just depends really on what you’re looking for. You can come here for a quiet quaint stay and not come in. Or you can come in.”

The Vintage Hideaway both boasts a wood-clad bar space and a sprawling covered patio with picnic tables and cornhole. This is the ideal gathering space for a laid-back time. The scorching Texas summer sun is muted by the covered patio with a massive industrial fan that helps keep both the beer and you cool.

Taking the winding roads up to The Vintage Hideaway, it’s apparent that the property is nestled far enough away that it feels like you’re away from it all. Yet Downtown Round Top is just a few short minutes away. There are five one-bedroom cottages on the property. Each comes with its own kitchenette so there’s no need to leave your little oasis, but the friendly bar down the way sure might make you want to venture out.

“We decided to come up with an all-in-one experience,” Park says. “We were just looking for an experience. We wanted people to come and stay at our cottages and be able to come in and dine with us and have a few drinks.”

The Vintage Hideaway is truly something different in the Round Top area, a retreat with the best of both worlds.

The Vintage Hideaway’s bar is open from 4 pm to 10 pm Wednesdays through Fridays and 3 pm to 10 pm on Saturdays currently. For more information, check out the The Vintage Hideaway’s website.