Meet the Chef cooking up high-end casual dining during the Spring Show.

The antique mecca’s newest venue, The Halles at Round Top, is shaking things up a bit and placing a major emphasis on the food. In the middle of (or after) a long day of scouring through antiques all over town, a fresh and delicious meal is a must.

With over 25 years of experience, Chef Kevin Bryant is a culinary whiz who creates imaginative and delicious dishes. His unique entry into the kitchen makes him a well-rounded chef. Bryant originally began his career with pastries, honing the science before moving to the culinary dining side. Bryant’s expertise in both the savory and the sweet will be on full display at The Halles. The daily breakfast and lunch/dinner menus will boast tons of delicious meals.

The Antiquarian Chicken Tender Basket.

Revitalizing what was once The Boneyard, The Halles at Round Top has a generous culinary setup. This is no surprise given food is a major focus at the venue this spring. One of the season’s biggest events being the Butcher’s Ball at The Halles which will span over four weekends in March and April. The food trailer is set up in a convenient location right behind the bar and dining area.

Chef Kevin Bryant spoke to on what to expect culinary-wise out of the new venue.

It’s All in the Ingredients

Casual food staples like burgers will be on the menu. However, these won’t be your typical fast-food burger. You won’t find a simple cheeseburger on the menu as Chef Bryant will be offering more creative and flavorful takes on the classic with artisanal cheeses and grass-fed meats. Bringing an elevated level of flavor, the high-end casual aspect is especially apparent in the quality of ingredients Bryant’s sourcing. Some examples of the high-quality ingredients are locally sourced goat cheese, using fresh spring mix instead of iceberg lettuce, and vine ripe tomatoes.

The KB Burger uses farm fresh ingredients.

“It’s not gonna be a Chili’s hamburger. They’re handmade Angus patties and were using all fresh ingredients versus frozen hockey pucks and things of that nature. We’re using all better quality ingredients,” Chef Kevin Bryant says.

The higher-end casual food options don’t end there as Chef Bryant is also whipping up a variety of dishes. Including chicken tenders, sandwiches, hand-breaded fries, and even a shaved pork dish.

To complement the bar, the kitchen is offering non-alcoholic beverages such as different flavors of fresh lemonades, fresh-brewed tea, and coffee.

“I’m really excited about this first run because we’re going to learn a whole lot out here with the property, with the venue, and with everything that’s going on, so I’m really excited about it,” Chef Bryant says.

Chef Kevin Bryant will be creating exciting higher-end casual plates daily from March 20 through April 3. Breakfast will be available from 8:30 am until 11 am and lunch/dinner will be served from 11am until 7pm.

Click HERE to see the full menu.