Newsletter Advertising

About the Newsletter

Katie & Lorie publish a weekly e-newsletter aimed at sharing area news, events, personalities and Katie’s ongoing effort to discourage “crepe myrder.” Called Round & Around, this short, sweet missive generally goes out Monday mornings except for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day. –r if they run out of things to say. That hasn’t happened…yet.

Katie & Lorie, through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, continue to be active on social media. However, with continued changes in social media algorithms, this e-newsletter is an excellent way to get eyes on your brand or business. Subscribers currently number more than 10,500, with 3,000 new subscribers added in 2018 so far. Newsletter subscribers, who have signed up on or via text, have consciously said “yes, I want to see your information.” Subscribers currently number more than 10,500, with 3,000 new subscribers added in 2018 so far.


A non-scientific survey indicates newsletter readers live in these areas: Houston, 31 percent; Roundtopolis, 23 percent; 9 percent Dallas-Fort Worth; 4 percent Austin; 3 percent San Antonio; 3 percent Louisiana. About 20 percent of subscribers live out-of-state and more than half of all subscribers have visited the Roundtopolis in the past year.

Special Editions

During the spring and fall Round Top Antiques Show, a daily e-newsletter chronicles the events, happenings and news of the show. Hyper-targeted to antiques show attendees, only those who specifically subscribe to the Daily Show newsletter receive it; the newsletter begins in mid-September and mid-March as the show venues open. The last newsletter goes out the last Friday of the show. About 1,500 people subscribe to this newsletter. Open rates exceed 50 percent.

How to Get an Event Mentioned

Generally, the first Monday of the month is reserved for “things to do” in the area. Unless, however, that Monday coincides with the release of one of our print publications then it slips a week. Unfortunately, there is no way to possibly list or highlight every event in the eight-county Roundtopolis. Since the majority of readers live outside the area, we try to mention events we believe potentially have non-local appeal. For an event to be considered, we must receive event details at least by the 15th of the month preceding the first Monday. Send to [email protected]

Newsletter Advertising Options

There are three advertising options available within the newsletter.

Newsletter sponsorship: A business or event may sponsor a newsletter on the date of their choice (subject to availability) and receive a 400-450 word article posted at The chosen newsletter will feature a link to the article and will be posted on our social media channels. Those who advertise in Round Top Register, Round Top Texas life & style and/or Round Top Antiques Show Guide receive discounted rates. Inquire for details and availability to [email protected].

Newsletter banner ad: A business or event may run a banner ad within the newsletter. This 350 pixel by 250 pixel ad will be hyperlinked to the webpage of the advertiser’s choice. Only one ad will be offered per non-event newsletter. For the event-focused newsletters, up to four banner ads will be included with links to the appropriate websites. Print advertisers receive a discount. Inquire for details and availability to [email protected].

Daily Show banner ad: Want to target people attending the antiques shows? Advertise your product or event within one of the Daily Show e-newsletters. Print advertisers receive a discount. Inquire for details and availability to [email protected].